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PlayPosit (Canvas) - Student Guide

PlayPosit is an external tool integrated inside of UWGB's Canvas environment that instructors can use to assign videos, or "bulbs", for students to watch and interact with by answering embedded questions that appear within the video player. In addition to engaging with instructor-created interactions, students can take their own timestamped notes right within the video player by accessing the PlayPosit player's notes tab. This page provides basic information and tips for students using PlayPosit.

For complete documentation on all options and controls available to students using PlayPosit, please read the Student Experience guide on PlayPosit's knowledge website.

screenshot of a PlayPosit assignment in a Canvas course

Playing a Bulb

Students simply need to click the PlayPosit video player's Play button to begin watching the video. Questions and other interactions will automatically appear in the player's sidebar or directly over the video at times pre-programmed by the bulb's creator. Most interactions will pause the playback of the video when they appear. Students will need to complete the interaction (or series of interactions) then click Continue to continue watching the video. Students must answer all of the required questions and watch the video to the end in order to receive credit for completing the assignment. When you reach the end of the video, a "Complete!" message will appear in the player's sidebar to confirm completion and show your score (pending any interactions that require manual grading by your instructor).

screenshot of the PlayPosit completion confirmation screen

If an instructor has enabled retries on your bulb, a Retry Bulb button will be available on the completion screen that appears at the end of the video. Clicking the Retry Bulb button will reset your score to 0 and you will not receive a new score until you again reach the very end of the video.

While playing a bulb, you can get the best experience by making the video player fullscreen. To make the player fullscreen, click the fullscreen icon next to the Settings gear icon in the bottom right corner of the player.

Screenshot of the PlayPosit video player control bar

Clicking the Settings gear icon in the bottom right corner of the player will open a Settings menu which contains options for controlling volume, playback speed, and captioning language. When available, students can enable closed captions and view a searchable transcript while watching the video. Please reference the official guide to learn more about captions and transcripts:

Taking Notes

While playing a bulb, students can take notes within the Notes tab of the PlayPosit player's sidebar. Notes are saved with a timestamp which can be clicked to quickly jump to important parts of the video while studying. These notes can also be downloaded as a text file for use outside of video player.

To learn how to use PlayPosit's note taking tool, please reference the official guide:

Please note that course instructors can view notes taken by students, but your notes cannot be seen by other students.

Reviewing a Bulb

Anytime after completing a bulb, you can return to the bulb in your Canvas course to re-watch parts of the video, view your notes, and review your interaction answers and any feedback left by the instructor. View completed interactions by selecting the Review tab at the top of the PlayPosit player's sidebar.

To learn how to review a bulb and its interactions, please reference the official guide:


Occasionally, a PlayPosit video may fail to load in Canvas due to a momentary network interruption. If the PlayPosit player loads with a blue error message, please try refreshing the page as a first troubleshooting step before attempting the generic troubleshooting steps in the PlayPosit Troubleshooting Guide.

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