Tips for Students in Lecture Streaming and Recording Classrooms

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, approximately twenty different classrooms will provide the option for instructors to record their in-person lectures and make them available to students. Students will also be able to watch the recordings live, with some restrictions. For a list of capable classrooms, please refer to the bottom of this document.

Accessing Live Lectures over the Internet

When viewing live lectures over the internet, the camera feed of your instructor will not be available. It will be available in recordings. The instructor's microphone and presentation or the overhead projection will be available during the live session.

Your instructor has three ways that they can use to distribute your live lectures remotely. Whichever method they choose will work throughout the semester from the same source.

  1. In Canvas, through a Page in the Home area of your course. Your instructor may make the live stream available inside of a Page in Canvas. The same page can be used to access live content throughout the semester.
  2. Through a link, distributed via email, Canvas, or another method. If they use this method, the link will remain the same throughout the semester.

Accessing Recorded Lectures

When viewing recorded lectures, the camera feed*, the instructor's microphone, and presentation or the overhead projection will be available eventually.

*Due to the large global demand for these technologies, our campus's order is arriving late and not all rooms will immediately have all components. That means that the video camera feed of the lecture will not be available the first few weeks of class.

Accessing recorded lectures can be done in all of the methods you can watch streamed recordings, but the location of the recording, or direct link, may not always be the same.

  1. In Canvas, through the "Media Gallery" link. Your instructor may make the "Media Gallery" available in your course. You can access it through your course's navigation links within Canvas. It will have all of the recordings your instructor has made available to you.
  2. In Canvas, through a Page in the Home area of your course. Your instructor may make the recordings available inside of a Page or Pages in Canvas. Each recording is a separate video, so you may need to view different Pages to access different recordings.
  3. Through a link, distributed via email, Canvas, or another method. This is very unlikely, but is possible. Each recording would have its own link.

Tips for Success

Make use of recorded lectures when reviewing concepts and studying. The recordings can help you review and repeat parts of lecture that cover difficult concepts. If you're attending in person, you can use the recordings to take notes and devote 100% of their attention to lecture. This may be helpful for being as engaged as possible in lecture, but make sure you're going to watch recordings 100% of the time. If you know you're not going to watch a recording, make sure to take notes in class.

Make sure your instructor is actually planning on streaming or recording their lectures before relying on it. Not every instructor will use the lecture recording/streaming options in all of the rooms. Just because you're scheduled for the room, it doesn't mean these features will be utilized.

If you're attending in person, don't pressure yourself into trying to watch every recording (unless you're not taking notes in-person!). If you are attending in-person or streaming the lecture live, consider flipping this note-taking strategy and making notes of which days and times you need to go back and watch the recordings.

If you're watching recorded lectures, find a time when you can watch them without interruption. Try to find a quiet place to watch recordings, if possible. You may find it more challenging to keep your attention on a recording then you would in-person, so setting yourself up for success is very important.

If you're only able to watch lecture recordings, watch them throughout the semester. DO NOT wait until the end of the semester or right before an exam to watch the recordings. Trying to cram all of the lectures in at the last moment is a recipe for disaster. By keeping up with lecture, you're able to integrate readings, discussion with other students, and feedback from office hours with your instructor.

Lecture Streaming and Recording Classrooms

Campus locationRooms
Green BayES114, MAC103, MAC204, MAC206, MAC208, MAC210, RH250, SA350, WH114, WH117, WH118, WH201, WH205, WH213, WH215, WH216, WH303

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