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Windows - Data Backup

This document details how to back up data on a Windows PC.

Outlook Signatures


1. Open "File Explorer" and select "This PC" from the menu on the left.

Screenshot of File Explorer

***NOTE: Anything saved in the drives listed under "Network locations" does not need to be backed up.***

Screenshot of Network Locations

***NOTE: Anything stored in the Windows (C:) drive needs to be backed up.***

Screenshot of Windows (C: )

2. Navigate to your C: Drive and open the "Users" folder. 

Screenshot of Users Folder

3. Navigate to your UW-Green Bay username in the list of users and open the folder.

***NOTE: The following folders need to be backed up: Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos.***

Screenshot of Backup Folders

4. Any files from these folders can be saved to either your M: Drive or OneDrive. 


Google Chrome

1. Navigate to Google Chrome:

        1. Select the three vertical dots on the top right.

        2. Navigate down to "Bookmarks" in the menu.

        3. Select "Bookmark Manager."

Screenshot of Chromebook Bookmarks

4. Select the three dots on the top right and then select "Export Bookmarks."

Screenshot of Export Bookmarks

5. Save this file in your M Drive.


1. To begin:

        1. Select the three lines on the top right corner.

        2. Select "Bookmarks."

Screenshot of FireFox Bookmarks

2. Select "Manage bookmarks" on the bottom of the menu that comes up.

Screenshot of Manage Bookmarks

3. Next:

        1. Select "Import and Backup" on the top of the menu. 

        2. Select "Export Bookmarks to HTML."

Screenshot of Import and Backup

5. Save this file in your M Drive


1. Select the star on the top right, next to the address bar.

2. Select the three dots in the menu that comes up.

3. Select "Export favorites."

Screenshot of Export Favorites

4. Save this file in your M Drive

Outlook Signatures

1. If you only have a few signatures in Outlook, you can copy and paste them into a Word document and save that file to your M: Drive. 

2. If you have a lot of Outlook Signatures, you can save the files for each signature to your M: Drive. 

3. The signature files are located in "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures."

Screenshot of Office Signatures Folders

4. Copy all the files from this location into a folder on your M: Drive

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