Qualtrics - Upgrading Your Account to Remove the 10-Survey Limit

By default, UWGB Qualtrics users can only own up to ten surveys at a time. If a user needs more than ten surveys, they can upgrade their account to remove this survey cap using the "unlimited" upgrade code at no additional cost to the user.

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After your account reaches the default 10-survey limit in Qualtrics, you will encounter an error message when trying create a new survey project:

Qualtrics survey limit error message
Error message text: "Account Restriction: Too Many Surveys -- You cannot add another Survey to this User Account"

To upgrade your UWGB Qualtrics account and remove this survey cap, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Qualtrics with your UWGB credentials.
  2. Click your account icon (blue circle with your first initial) in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.
    Qualtrics account dropdown menu
  4. In the notification box at the top of the My Account page, select the link that says Switch to older version.
    light blue notification box at the top of the user settings page in Qualtrics
  5. Click the Upgrade Account tab.
  6. In the Upgrade Code field, type or paste in the word "Unlimited" without the surrounding quotation marks.
  7. Click the Upgrade Account button. You can now create and own an unlimited number of surveys.
    "Upgrade Account" tab in Qualtrics

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