Qualtrics - Sharing Survey Access and Transferring Survey Ownership

In Qualtrics, survey owners can grant another user access to edit, copy, distribute, or view reports for a survey by using Qualtrics' "collaborate" feature. Survey owners can also relinquish full ownership of a survey to another user by requesting a project transfer.

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Granting Survey Access to Someone with a UWGB Account 

Qualtrics' collaborate feature allows users to share access to a survey with another user. You must be the owner of the survey to use this feature. When you share a survey, you can select from a range of permissions to grant the other user, from the ability to view reports to the ability to edit the survey.

Important: If the user you are collaborating with has never logged in to Qualtrics before, they will need to log in at least once with their UWGB credentials before you can share a survey with them. 

  1. From the "Projects" view in Qualtrics, click the three dots on the right-hand side of the survey you'd like to share and choose Collaborate from the dropdown menu.
    Example of "more" pop-up menu after clicking the three dots next to a survey

  2. In the search box at the top of the pop-up window, enter the UWGB username of the individual you want to share the survey with (everything before the "@" in their UWGB email). Select the option that has the individual's UWGB username followed by “#uwgreenbay” (ex: dressert#uwgreenbay) then click the blue Add button.

    Important: Do not put a user's entire UWGB email address in this search box; this will send them an invitation to create an account as a new external user. 
    Collaborate survey menu where you search and select a user

  3. Enter a custom message to send to the survey collaborator, if desired. If you leave this field blank, the user will receive a generic email message instead. Click OK once you are finished.
    Optional custom message box
  4. Check or uncheck the boxes under Edit, View Reports, Activate/Deactivate, Copy, and/or Distribute depending on what you permissions you want to grant the user for this survey, then click Save. Your collaborator will receive an email and a notification in Qualtrics alerting them that you have shared a survey with them.

    Checkboxes to set permissions for a shared survey

Granting Survey Access to Someone External to UWGB

If you want to share a survey with someone at UWGB, always use their UWGB Qualtrics account rather than a personal one. However, you may on occasion need to share a survey with someone external to the institution. To do so, follow the instructions in this Qualtrics support article.

Survey Access Troubleshooting

If you have issues with a collaborator accessing a shared survey, run through the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Ensure that the individual receiving the invitation to collaborate has logged into Qualtrics with their UWGB credentials at least once before the invitation was sent. Use the link on the UWGB home page menu under Main Menu > Logins > Qualtrics Surveys to login.
  • Ensure that the invitation was sent using the individual's Qualtrics username as described in the "Granting Survey Access to Someone with a UWGB Account" section, rather than by inputting their full UWGB email address.
  • In Qualtrics, ensure that the individual that received the invitation to collaborate is looking for the survey in the right place. The survey should appear in their main project folder, as well as in the "Shared with me" section in the subfolder of the user that owns the survey.
    "Shared with me" folder and subfolders in Qualtrics

Transferring Survey Ownership

Sometimes a survey may need to be transferred to a new owner, such as when the original owner no longer works for a certain department or team. In these cases, the current survey owner should submit the request for the survey ownership transfer by emailing the UWGB IT Service Desk at gbit@uwgb.edu. If this is not possible, such as in cases when the individual no longer works for UWGB, please contact the survey owner's former supervisor and have them submit the request instead.

Requests should include the following information:

  • If submitted by a supervisor on behalf of an individual, include the current survey owner's name and UWGB email.
  • Provide the name and UWGB email of the new survey owner. Please note that due to security concerns, UWGB no longer allows Qualtrics accounts to be linked a shared email address. If you need multiple people to have edit access, have the new survey owner use the "collaborate" feature described in the "Granting Survey Access to Someone with a UWGB Account" section at the top instead.
  • Indicate whether you would like all surveys or specific surveys owned by the individual to be transferred. If you only need specific surveys transferred, include a link to each survey.

Submitting a survey transfer request to gbit@uwgb.edu will generate a support ticket. A UWGB Qualtrics admin will then follow up within the next business day.

Sample email for survey transfer request

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