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Zoom - Using Zoom for In-Classroom Recording and Streaming

This document details the recommended procedure for using Zoom meetings to record class meetings in a classroom with distance education technology.

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting
Sharing the Meeting Link with Remote Students
Joining the Zoom Meeting in the Classroom
Recording the Meeting
Sharing Presentation Content During the Meeting
Sharing Meeting Recordings

UWGB instructors can record their classroom meetings and allow remote students to participate by scheduling a Zoom meeting using the Canvas integration and joining that meeting from a classroom equipped with distance education camera(s) and microphone(s).

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting

We recommend that instructors use the Canvas Zoom integration to schedule their Zoom meetings for class sessions. The Canvas Zoom integration provides easy ways to share meeting links and meeting recordings with students. Instructions for scheduling a recurring zoom meeting for class sessions using the Canvas integration can be found in the following KnowledgeBase article: Canvas - Scheduling Zoom Meetings for Class Sessions.

Sharing the Meeting Link with Remote Students

Students can access join links for meetings scheduled through the Canvas Zoom integration by selecting the Zoom link in the Canvas course's navigation menu. The integration automatically creates a Canvas calendar event for Zoom meetings that are scheduled with a fixed start time and will contain a join link for the Zoom meeting.

***NOTE: Each meeting in a recurring meeting series uses the same join link.***

To provide and additional way for students to find the meeting link, we also recommend that instructors copy and paste the meeting join link in an introductory module of the Canvas course.

Students who join the meeting through the Canvas integration will be automatically logged in with their UWGB Zoom account, while students who use the regular meeting join link may end up joining the Zoom meeting as a "guest."

If you are using waiting rooms or are per-assigning breakout rooms for your Zoom meeting, these features work best if students join the meeting as authenticated users, so we recommend that you encourage your students to join the meeting through the Canvas integration instead of using the join link in the calendar event.

You can also share the following guide with students and encourage them to manually log in to the Zoom application on their devices so that fewer students join the meeting as a guest Zoom - Signing into the Desktop Application

Joining the Zoom Meeting in the Classroom

All UWGB Classroom teacher computers have the Zoom desktop application pre-installed. To launch your Zoom meeting, we recommend navigating to your Canvas course on the classroom computer, opening the Zoom integration, and then clicking the Start button on the meeting in the "Upcoming Meetings" tab. Joining your meetings with this method will ensure that you join with your UWGB Zoom account and are recognized as the meeting host. If your classroom uses a wireless lavaliere microphone for the instructor, make sure to wear it and switch it on.

If the proper Camera and Microphone aren't automatically selected for you in the Zoom meeting, you can select the proper devices through the Zoom meeting control panel.

You can select your microphone device by:

1. Select the small up arrow next to the Mute/Unmute button.

2. Select the name of the microphone device.

You can select your video device by:

1. Select the small up arrow next to the Start Video/Stop Video button.

2. Select the name of the video device.

Reference the following KB article for the proper audio/video device names in your classroom: Classroom Technology - Camera and Microphone Device Names in Streaming/Recording Classrooms.

Recording the Meeting

If you enabled automatic meeting recording when scheduling the Zoom meeting, the meeting will automatically start recording as soon as the host starts it.

If you opted not to use automatic meeting recording, you can manually start a meeting recording by:

1. Select the Record button.

2. Select "Record to the Cloud."

At the end of the class session, you can stop recording by:

1. Select the Stop Recording button or end the meeting for all participants.

Sharing Presentation Content During the Meeting

To capture your presentation content during the meeting as well as share it with any remote students, share classroom content with the Share Screen button in the Zoom meeting toolbar. Lecture streaming and recording classrooms are equipped with a device that captures whatever is being projected in the classroom and will automatically follow along whenever you change sources with the room's control panel. This device appears as an additional "camera" source in Zoom.

You can share this device as content in your Zoom meeting by:

1. Select the Share Screen button in the Zoom meeting control panel.

2. Select the "Advanced" tab.

3. Select "Content from 2nd Camera."

4. Select the Share button.

The Zoom window enlarges to full screen as soon as you begin sharing content from a second camera.

If you have PC selected on the room's touch panel when you begin sharing, the result may be disorientating because it creates a visual "feedback loop" of the Zoom window being shared back into itself. To fix this double-click anywhere in the screen to exit full screen mode so that you can minimize the Zoom window and open your presentation content on the PC.

You can also exit full screen by pressing Windows Key + D on the keyboard to minimize all application windows and view the Windows desktop.

To present handwritten work, we recommend writing on paper underneath the document camera instead of using the physical classroom whiteboard. The document camera produces a sharper image for the remote students and the recording.

If you will be presenting content only from the classroom computer screen during class, you may start a normal screen share in Zoom instead of selecting content from a 2nd camera.

You do not have to enable the Share Sound checkbox while sharing as the classrooms are configured to automatically mix audio from classroom sources in with the audio from the classroom microphone(s). 

Sharing Meeting Recordings

Cloud recordings from Zoom meetings that have been scheduled through the Canvas integration will appear in the Cloud Recordings tab of the Zoom integration in the Canvas course. Recordings typically appear one to three hours after the recording has been stopped. Initially, these recordings are visible only to the instructor.

To share the recording with students in the Canvas course, the instructor must enable the Publish switch next to the recording in this tab of the course's Zoom integration. Once a recording is published, students can navigate to the Zoom integration in the Canvas course and play the recording from the Cloud Recordings tab.

Instructors can also view their cloud recordings from the Recordings page of the UW System Zoom web portal. If a recording needs to be shared outside of the Canvas course, instructors can copy a shareable link to the recording from the web portal.

Please see the following Zoom Support article for more information on managing cloud recordings with the Zoom web portal: Managing and sharing cloud recordings – Zoom Support.

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