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Troubleshooting the Internet

This document details steps that can be taken to fix internet connectivity issues.

UWGB Guest and eduroam

1. Restart affected device.

2. Forget all UWGB Wi-Fi networks and resign in.

3. On another device, check if the website you are trying to access is working (the website may just be down).

***NOTE: Gaming consoles and smart devices cannot be connected to UWGB Guest or eduroam. Navigate to to register these devices on IoT.***

Internet of Things (IoT)

1. Ensure that the MAC address was entered in correctly.

2. Ensure the correct MAC address was used (some devices have more than one).

3. Check if the device expired on (occurs after 120 days of inactivity).

4. Check how many devices that are already registered. A maximum of three devices is allowed per account.

Wired Ethernet Connection

1. Secure connection of cable to the wall port and device.

2. Check for damage to cable and for broken end clips.

3. Check device end for amber ethernet blinking status light.

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