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Honorlock - User Guide for Instructors

This document details how to request the Honorlock Canvas integration and use it for proctoring online exams, including how to notify students, set up a practice quiz, and get support.

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Honorlock - User Guide for Students

UW-Green Bay offers limited online proctoring services for Canvas quizzes through a contract with Honorlock.


Requirements for Using Honorlock

Instructors that wish to use Honorlock for online proctoring must abide by the guidelines outlined in UWGB’s Online Test Proctoring Policy. Because UWGB is charged for each student attempt of an Honorlock-enabled quiz, Honorlock should only be enabled for high-stakes summative assessments.  

Course Eligibility

Only distance education courses are eligible to use Honorlock. 

Syllabus Statement 

Instructors that elect to use any online proctoring tool are required to notify students through the SIS course listing and in the course syllabus. The syllabus statement should contain the following information

  • Which proctoring service will be used 
  • How students can access the service and minimum system requirements 
  • How students can practice using the tool (e.g., with a practice quiz) 
  • Where students can get technical support 

For an example, please see this sample Honorlock syllabus statement

Creating a Practice Quiz 

Instructors are strongly encouraged to create a practice quiz with Honorlock and make it a required assignment for your students before they need to take the first Honorlock-enabled exam. This gives students a chance to check their system and walk through the proctoring steps before facing the stress of the real exam. Honorlock does not save the proctoring data from a practice exam nor charge UWGB for student attempts of a practice exam. 

Requesting the Honorlock Canvas Integration

Instructors that wish to use Honorlock to proctor Canvas quizzes can request that UWGB administrators install the tool in their Canvas course by completing the External Tool Integration Request form. A link to this form can be found within the stack of buttons on the UWGB Canvas Login page

Using the Honorlock Canvas Integration

Instructors using Honorlock should create their exams as “Classic” Quizzes in Canvas; Honorlock is not yet directly compatible with “New Quizzes” in Canvas. After the Honorlock integration has been installed in your Canvas course by a UWGB Canvas administrator, please reference the Honorlock Help Center guide Using Honorlock with Canvas for instructions on how to enable and configure proctoring for your exams. 

Third-Party Exams

Honorlock can also be used to proctor exams which are administered through a third-party platform, such as those provided by a textbook publisher like Pearson or Macmillian Learning. For a third-party exam, students will launch Honorlock proctoring through the Honorlock page of your Canvas course and then navigate to the third-party platform to take the exam. Please see the Honorlock Help Center guide Create a Third Party Exam for instructions on how to enable Honorlock for an exam that is administered outside of Canvas. 

Honorlock Support

UWGB does not offer technical support for Honorlock. If you or one of your students needs help with Honorlock, please contact Honorlock’s support services directly. Instructors should ensure that students know that they can get immediate support for technical issues from Honorlock when they are taking the exam. Honorlock provides the the following methods for contacting their support team: 

  • LIVE CHAT: or click the chat bubble icon seen while taking an exam or while you have Honorlock page open in your Canvas course. Test takers should use this feature to get immediate support while taking an exam. 
  • EMAIL: 
  • PHONE (for instructors only): +1 (844) 243-2500 


Instructors should familiarize themselves with Honorlock’s accessibility compliance and compatibility so they can support students that require academic accommodations. Honorlock has an accessibility page that includes reports on the tool’s accessibility compliance and an accommodation guide for instructors. 

Troubleshooting Tips from Honorlock

  • Support: Honorlock support is available 24/7/365 via their live chat service. Encourage your students to contact the Honorlock support team directly via the Honorlock integration within Canvas if technical assistance is required. Students and instructors can also email Instructors can also call the support team at (844) 243-2500. 
  • Student Toolbar: During assessments, exam takers have quick access to mid-exam tools via the student toolbar located at the bottom of the testing window. 
  • Access Codes: Honorlock automatically generates an access code for a Canvas quiz once it has been enabled for proctoring. When the Honorlock integration is working properly, students will not be prompted to enter an access code to start the quiz; Honorlock will enter this code automatically for a student after they pass the pre-exam proctoring checks. If one of your students sees a prompt to enter an access code in Canvas, something on their computer is interfering with Honorlock and they should reach out to Honorlock support for live troubleshooting assistance. 
    • IMPORTANT: Instructors should not delete, alter, or provide students with the access code that is shown in the Canvas quiz settings. 
  • Minimum System Requirements: Students must be using a recent version of Google Chrome and a supported operating system to use Honorlock. Have your students run a system check from the Honorlock support page to ensure that their device and browser meet minimum system requirements
  • No Scheduling Required: Students do not need to schedule their assessment with Honorlock. The assessment will be available to them for the time period you established within the Canvas quiz. 
  • Practice Exams: Faculty can enable and administer practice exams so that students are well-acclimated with Honorlock prior to taking their higher-stakes exams.


Honorlock has a strict student privacy policy. You can learn more on Honorlock’s FAQ page

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