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Course Evaluations (Instructors) - Monitoring Response Rates

This article describes how UW-Green Bay instructors can view the response rates for their course evaluation surveys.

Once the evaluation period opens for a session, instructors can monitor the student response rates of the evaluation survey for each of their courses. Instructors can access the course evaluation through a link in an automated email invitation sent to them at the start of the evaluation period, through the UWGB Course Evaluation link in any of their Canvas courses, or by navigating directly to UW-Green Bay's course evaluation portal. Typically, course evaluation surveys are open to students 7 or 14 days before the last day of class and remain available to fill out and submit until 11:59pm on the last day of class (US Central Time Zone). The length of the evaluation period depends on the length of session: 14-week courses in a Fall or Spring term have a 14-day evaluation period; all other courses have a 7-day evaluation period.

Accessing the Course Evaluation Platform

During an evaluation period, instructors can access the course evaluation platform to monitor response rates in three different ways. Each method of access will require the instructor to sign in to the course evaluation platform with their UWGB email address and password.

  1. On the day evaluations become available to students, each instructor will receive an automated email message from "UW-Green Bay Course Evaluation" which invites them to monitor the response rates of their course evaluation surveys. Click the Monitor your evaluations link at the bottom of the email message and sign in to view response rate data for each of your courses.

  2. During the evaluation period, instructors may access the UWGB Course Evaluation link in the course navigation menu of any Canvas course to view a list of active course evaluations. Click on a course in the list and sign in to view its response rate data.

    screenshot of the UWGB Course Evaluation link in the course navigation menu of a Canvas course

  3. Instructors may view a list of their course evaluations by navigating to the "UWGB Evals" portal through a direct link and signing into it with their UWGB email and password. Use the following link to access the portal:

    Access the UWGB Evals Portal

    After signing in, the "My Home" page shows a list of course evaluations under the heading "Tasks." Select a course title in this list to view its response rate data.

Interpreting Response Rate Data

The response rate data for a course evaluation is displayed in a tile.

screenshot of a response rate data tile in the course evaluation platform

The student Response Rate of the course evaluation survey for the listed course is prominently displayed within a large circle inside of the tile. The tile also displays the following information underneath the course title:

  • The total number of students Invited to complete the evaluation.
  • The number of students who have Started filling out the evaluation form but who have not yet submitted it.
  • The number of students who have Responded to the evaluation by completing the form and submitting it.
  • The number of students who have Opted Out from the survey. For standard UW-Green Bay course evaluations, the opt-out feature is disabled for students and the number reported should be zero.
  • The date the Evaluation ends on. Students have until 11:59pm (Central US Time Zone) on this date to submit their evaluation form. The evaluation closes after this date and cannot be reopened.

The system calculates the response rate by dividing the number of students who Responded by the number of students Invited and displays it as a percentage.

Instructors may attempt to improve their response rate by personally encouraging their class to complete the evaluation form and achieve a target response rate. It is possible for instructors to include a direct link or scannable QR code to their course evaluation form in their messages to students. For more information, please see document Course Evaluations (Instructors) - Sharing a Direct Link or QR Code to an Evaluation.

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