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Course Evaluations (Instructors) - Sharing a Direct Link or QR Code to an Evaluation

This article describes how UW-Green Bay instructors can share a direct link or QR Code to a course's evaluation form with their students.

Instructors may try to improve the response rate for a course evaluation survey by reaching out to students with a personal appeal for their feedback that includes a direct link to the course's evaluation form. From the course evaluation platform, instructors can copy the direct link to a course's evaluation which students can use to navigate directly to the form. Instructors can also access a printable QR code which, when scanned by a student's device, will open an internet browser and navigate to the online course evaluation form. Providing students with a direct link or QR code to the course evaluation form is not a necessity for instructors; students have multiple other ways to access the evaluation forms for their courses that do not require the instructor's intervention (for more information, see: Course Evaluations (Students) - Accessing and Completing Your Evaluations). Providing a direct link for students is an additional convenience for them that may help positively influence response rates for your course evaluation when accompanied by a personal appeal from the instructor.

Please note that the direct link and QR code will only work for students who are enrolled in the course that is being evaluated. Students using the link or QR code will be prompted to sign in with their UWGB credentials to verify their identity before they can fill out the form.

Accessing the Course Evaluation Platform

While the evaluation period is open for a session, instructors can monitor the student response rates of their course evaluation surveys. The options to copy the direct link to the survey and view the survey's QR code are found within the course tile on the page where an instructor can view the evaluation's response rate. For documentation on how to access the response rate tile for one of your courses, please see the guide Course Evaluations (Instructors) - Monitoring Response Rates.

Finding Your Evaluation Form's Direct Link and QR Code

The response rate data for a course evaluation is displayed in a tile. Instructors can copy a direct link to the evaluation form or display or print a QR Code that students can scan with a mobile device to open the evaluation form by selecting the options button in the bottom-right corner of the tile, then selecting View QR Code.

screenshot of a response rate data tile in the course evaluation platform 

 screenshot of the optoins menu in a course evaluation subject view tile

Copying and Sharing the Direct Link

In the View QR Code window, select the copy icon next to the "short link" to copy the link to your device's clipboard. You can then paste it in a message to your students which encourages them to fill out the evaluation form (for example, an email or an announcement in the Canvas course).

screenshot of the view QR code menu with the copy icon highlighted

Viewing and Printing the QR Code

In the View QR Code window, you may select the View QR Code button to open a page which shows a QR code that, when scanned by a student's mobile device, will open the evaluation form for your course. You can print this page from your web browser (enter Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac), or it can be scanned directly from a computer or projector screen.

screenshot of the view QR code menu with the view QR code button highlighted

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