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Perceptive Content Error

This document details how to work around the "could not find label [x]" error pop-up in Perceptive Content/ImageNow

This error pops up when Chrome updates to a version of 114.x because the update causes linking functionality to fail. To disable the changed that are impacting LearnMode and to allow normal access, complete the following steps:

1. If you are seeing an issue of no data being returned or screens being found with Chrome and AppGetTree it's possible to disable the Chrome changes that are causing these issues by launching Chrome with the following flag: 


2. To enable the flag, you need to add the value to the Chrome application shortcut.

3. This can be done by right-clicking on the Chrome application and selecting properties. In the Target field, you will see a path to chrome.exe. You will want to add the flag after a space to the end of this string.

Screenshot of Chrome Shortcut Window

4. After adding the flag to Chrome you will need to restart Chrome by launching it from this shortcut.

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