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Canvas (Instructors) - Sharing an ePortfolio within a Canvas Course

UWGB instructors may want to share example Canvas ePortfolios with their students. You can do this by adding the ePortfolio share link(s) as an External URL Canvas Module item or by sharing the ePortfolio link(s) in a Canvas page. Instructors can share both public and private ePortfolios using either of the following methods.

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How to Share a Canvas ePortfolio as a Canvas Module Item 

  1. Log in to Canvas ( with your UWGB username and password.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you want to share your ePortfolio.
  3. On your Canvas course's Home page, select the "Add Item" button of the modules to which you'd like the ePortfolio linked (If needed, view this guide on adding course content as a module item).
  4. Select the option "External URL."
    Screen capture of the add a module options with External URL highlighted in orange as the correct selection.
  5. Locate and paste the Canvas ePortfolio share link in the external URL entry box. (You can use either the public or private Canvas ePortfolio link.)
  6. Create a Page name for your URL (ex. "Example ePortfolio").
  7. Select the option box "Open in a New Tab." If you do not select this option, students will not be able to access and view the ePortfolio you are attempting to add into the module. 
  8. Click "Add Item."
    Screen capture of adding in a new item into a Canvas module as an External URL. The option Load in a new tab is selected. A red circle is around the word Add item showing how to add in a module item.
  9. Publish the module item and module in which your ePortfolio URL is housed in. 

Note: Attempting to view your ePortfolio URL module item while in Canvas "Student View" will result in an "Access Denied" message as this feature is not accessible in student view. This does not mean your ePortfolio URLs are not accessible to students. to test your ePortfolio link, copy and paste the URL you added as a Module item in an incognito browser window instead. 

How to Share a Canvas ePortfolio as Link in a Canvas Page

  1. Log in to Canvas ( with your UWGB username and password.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you want to share your ePortfolio.
  3. Create or edit the Canvas Page in which you want to share your ePortfolio. (If needed, view this guide on how to edit a Canvas page.)
  4. In the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) add your ePortfolio link using the link option in the RCE toolbar. Select "External Link."
    Screen capture of a Canvas page where a red circle is around External Link showing how to add in a link using the RCE toolbar.
  5. In a separate browser window or tab, navigate to your ePortfolio and copy the private or public share link. Return to the window or tab with your Canvas course, paste the link into the URL field, and click the "Done" button.
    A screen capture of a Canvas Page where a link URL is being pasted into the external link tool in the Canvas RCE.
  6. Make sure to save and publish your page once you are ready for students to view it.

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