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WISC - Software Purchasing

This document details the WISC software purchasing process.

WISC Software Overview

The WISC Web site provides a complete list of discounted applications, ordering information, installation instructions, and technical support resources. You must be an enrolled, degree-seeking student at a University of Wisconsin or a Wisconsin Technical College campus to order WISC software. The online ordering system will verify each user for eligibility based upon their campus network logon. Students will be prompted to enter their campus username and password. This is the same username and password used for email, SIS, and Canvas. All users must agree to adhere to the various product licensing agreements.

You can shop online 24 hours a day. Shipping is free.

For a list of available software and to view UW-Green Bay's student home page, technical support areas, and license agreements, select Green Bay from the Students UW System menu found at The UW-Madison Software KB.

Common Questions and Support Responsibilities

Please take special note of those issues which are the responsibility of your campus IT/Help Desk and which are the responsibility of WISC personnel here in Madison.

Software support is handled by local campus IT/Help Desk personnel.

WISC personnel and UW-Madison Help Desk personnel are NOT responsible for supporting students on your campus. This includes installation problems, usage problems, or any other class of software-related issues.

Our agreement with Microsoft is based upon the Microsoft Campus License program. That means that ALL individuals who install these applications using media obtained via this agreement are not allowed to call Microsoft for free technical support. Customers who purchase software from the WISC site must obtain support from their local IT/Help Desk organization. The only alternative support option made available by Microsoft is called "paid assisted support," information about this service can be found at:

If your campus does not provide application support then give the customer the Microsoft ‘paid assisted support’ information above. Under no circumstance should you advise customers to call either the WISC customer service number or the UW-Madison Help Desk for these problems, we cannot help them.

WISC Web site and Online Order Questions Do not advise customers to call the UW-Madison Help Desk for these problems. Appropriate instructions are given for handling these problems.

1. If customers have a question about WISC in general (i.e., what it is, what software is available, how it works, etc.) send them to the WISC web site.

2. If customers have a question about their order, send them to the WISC web site (where they can check order status—this includes shipping status) or give them the 800 number to call WISC Customer Service (800-590-9787) or send email to

***NOTE: We prefer to be contacted via the customer service function on the web site or via the above email.***

3. If customers have a problem with their received order (an order in their possession) a. Order completion/accuracy. If the received order is incomplete or inaccurate, customers should call the WISC Customer Service number 800-590-9787 b. Order defects. If the received order has been damaged or has been determined to be defective by your Help Desk troubleshooting process, customers should call the WISC Customer Service 800-590-9787 or email.

4. If customers have a problem while placing their order, our error messages will provide them with the following information:

Errors in Authenticating Student Status

You have not yet completed course registration. New students are typically issued a campus/institution ID prior to registration. Registration must be completed before you are eligible to order from this site. Sufficient time has not passed since your registration. Typically it takes 2-5 business days for your registration records to be sent to our system. Please try again later. You must be a degree-seeking student (short and special course students are not eligible). Additional eligibility information can be found in your institution's area of the WISC site. Follow the 'HOME' link at the top of this page and select your campus/institution. Should be logging in with same credentials as they use on the network. If they can log into OWA and/or SIS, but not the Wisc site, create a work order and assign it to MIS.

Errors in Authenticating Faculty/Staff Status

Call HR (x2390) and ask them to check the IAA database and verify the client is eligible to purchase software. Credit Card Problem (credit card is refused): Contact your bank/card provider. Order Status: Customer can use the ‘Order Status’ function located at the WISC web site:

All Other Order Related Problems

Customer should contact the WISC customer service at or via phone at 800-590-9787.

If customers are calling you about problems with the WISC web site that are not listed above, Service Desk staff should contact WISC Customer Service at or via phone at 800-590-9787.

Some examples of web site problems: Web Server not responding; site or page links broken; script errors; browser security incompatibility issues.

Common Installation Problems with Microsoft Office Premium Bundle (students)

Problem when Entering CD-Key During Installation

If CD-Key entered is rejected as invalid. Microsoft has provided a contact number for assistance with errors, which indicate that the CD key on the CD installation media is bad: 425-454-2030. After dialing this number, make the selection to talk to the operator. Have the original CD-Key available when you call. 

Problem when Registering Product After Successful Installation

If you receive errors while attempting registration, Microsoft has provided a contact number: 888-652-2342. 

The most common problem has been that the maximum number of installations has been reached. Should this be the case, Microsoft has the ability to extend the number of installations. Make sure the person you are talking to knows you are part of the Wisconsin Campus Agreement. You should have both your CD-Key and Product ID numbers ready when calling.

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