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Mac - Entering a User Code for a Ricoh Printer and Hold Print

This document details how to enter a job code for a Ricoh printer on a Mac. It also explains how to select "Hold Print" within your printing preset.

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Set up Job Code

Set up Job Code

***NOTE: In order to set a job code for a Ricoh printer on a Mac, you need to set a custom preset for the printer***

1. After installing the printer, open the program you want to print from and navigate to:

        a. "File"

        b. "Print..."

The file option is in the top left corner of your screen. The print option is at the bottom of the file drop down.

2. Under "Printer Options" on the Print page, select the information icon next to "Job Log" - the information icon is an "i" with a circle around it

The Job Log section is in the middle of the menu, and the information icon is to the far right of where it says "Job Log" in the same row.

3. Enter your UWGB username, check the box next to "Enable User Code", and enter your Job Code in the "User Code:" text field - then, select "OK"

The "User ID:" text field is at the top of the pop up, "Enable User Code" is in the midde, and "User Code:" is directly under "Enable User Code".

4. Another preset you can configure at this time is "Hold Print" under "Job Type"

        a. Normal Print - Prints the Print Job right away

        b. Hold Print - Sends the Print Job to the printer, but it doesn't print until you release it from the control panel of the device - this is useful if you are in a large area

"Job Type" is under "User ID" at the top of the menu.

5. On the Print page, select the arrows by "Default Settings" next to "Presets"

"Presets" is at the top of Print page under "Printer". The arrows are to the tight of "Presets" in the same row.

6. Select "Save Current Settings as Preset..."

"Save Current Settings as Preset" is in the middle of the drop down. Preset is at the top of the Print menu under "Printer".

7. Next to "Preset Name", name the preset something that will help you identify its purpose for future Print Jobs - then, select "OK"

        a. Example: For color printing, you can name the Preset "Printer Name - Color"

The Preset Name text field is at the top of the pop up.

8. When printing with this Preset in the future, go to:

        a. "Print"

        b. Next to "Presets", select the Preset name from the drop down menu

The drop down menu is next to Presets.

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