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How to Change Your Password on Your Device (Faculty\Staff Only)

This document details how to change your campus password on your UW-Green Bay Windows 10 PC (desktop or laptop), UW-Green Bay macOS device (iMac or MacBook), or a personal device.

UWGB Windows 10 PC
UWGB iMac and MacBook
Password Requirements
Personal Device

UWGB Windows 10 PC

***NOTE: If you are on a laptop, make sure you are connected to the VPN ([Link for document 81430 is unavailable at this time]). If you are on campus, be sure you are connected to a UW-Green Bay network.***

1. Press "Ctrl Alt Delete."

2. Select "Change a Password."

3. Create a new password that follows the requirements. For the list of requirements, navigate to the following page: 

4. To know if you are connected to the VPN, look for the globe on your taskbar. Select the globe and note whether it says "Connected." If not, you are not connected to VPN.

Screenshot of Windows GlobalProtect

UWGB iMac and MacBook

1. Ensure your MacBook is connected to the VPN. (VPN - User Guide (Mac))

***NOTE: If you are changing the password on your iMac or other Mac desktop, verify it is connected to campus ethernet and the proceed to step 2.***

        A. Look for a Globe icon in the menu bar and select it.

        B. Note whether it says "Connected." If it does, as in the example below, you can continue with the password reset.

***NOTE: If it does not say Connected, or you cannot find GlobalProtect, then you are not connected to VPN.  Please contact the GBIT Service Desk at (920) 465-2309 or at for assistance.***

Screenshot of Mac GlobalProtect

2. Select the Apple icon in the upper left-hand side of the screen and select "System Settings."

System Settings Screen

3. In System Preferences:

        A. Select "Users & Groups."

        B. Select the icon next to the profile that you would like to change the password for. 

Users and Groups Tab

4. Select "Change Password."

Change Password Screen

5. Enter in the fields, specifying your old and new password. Select "Change Password."

***NOTE: It is important to follow the password requirements for UWGB accounts while creating a new password.***

Password Requirements

  • Must be a minimum of 14 characters, not to exceed 49 characters.
  • Password must be a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. 
  • Must contain at least one number. 
  • Must be changed at least every 180 days. 
  • Must not contain any character more than twice consecutively. 
  • Passwords may not contain the user’s first or last name
  • Must not include any personal information, (i.e. name, birthday, SSN).  
  • Can’t be any of your last 24 passwords.

Screenshot of Reset Password Screen    

Your password has now been changed. You can close System Preferences.

Personal Device

To change your UWGB password on your personal device, please use the Password Reset Tool found at the following page: 

***NOTE: For Mac users: Changing your password within the Password Reset Tool will not change your password on your campus Mac. Please contact the GBIT Service Desk for assistance in syncing your password.***

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