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Course Distribution Lists

This document explains the Course Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists are created in Outlook for all courses so that faculty and students in a course can easily communicate with one another. Course list addresses begin with C to represent a course, D a discussion group, or L a lab section, followed by the unique Peoplesoft Class Number associated with each course and a term designation. For example, the distribution list for the course with Class Number 12345 could be or

An entry is created in the Outlook global address book for all course distribution lists. When composing a message, click on the To... button to bring up the address book. Click on the popup menu at the top of the address book and select Course Distribution Lists. Begin typing your course's address (i.e. C10301) to move to your course in the listing. Click on the TO: button and click OK to address the message to your course list. You can also simply address the message to if, for example, you're using Outlook Web Access from home.

To look up the Class Number for a course, go to the Schedule of Classes, which appears as a link on both the Current Students and Faculty & Staff web pages.  Enter the instructor’s last name in the field provided and click ‘Show Classes’.   The Class Number is found under the column labeled Class.

Course email lists are created three weeks before classes start and are updated daily throughout the semester. Course distribution lists are now also being maintained for the previous semester to meet faculty needs. No one can add or remove themselves from these lists. Since these are closed lists, only faculty and students registered for a course may post to the list . Faculty must have their email address specified in the University personnel database and be registered as the faculty for the course in the Registrar's database to be included in course distribution lists.

Since these are closed lists (outsiders cannot post), the system will not recognize you as a legitimate user if you are using an email address on another system. If you are off campus, you can always use Outlook Web Access from the UWGB web site as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser. You can use the Outlook address book or type the full address


Additional course distribution lists are created so that cross-listed courses (courses that are listed more than once in the Schedule of Classes under different areas) have "combined" distribution lists as well as single distribution lists. As a result, if you wish to send a message to everyone in the course, regardless of the Peoplesoft Class Number under which they registered, you can just address the message to one of the "combined" lists rather than to all the single lists. Perhaps this is best explained through an example.

Intro to Basket Weaving is cross-listed between two departments and also as grad/undergrad, so it has four Peoplesoft Class Numbers associated with it in the schedule. They are 1234, 2345, 3456, and 4567. There will be eight distribution lists created for this course.


If you wish to send a message to everyone in the course, address the message to any one of the combined lists. (All the combined lists are the same; it doesn't matter which of them you use.) If you wish to target only students registered under a specific Class Number, address the message to the corresponding single list.

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