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Computer Workstation Replacement Policy

This document discusses the Computer Workstation Replacement Policy

Workstation Replacement Cycle

Faculty and staff at UW-Green Bay will be provided with a networked computer that supports the standard applications needed to be effective in their work.  These applications include: email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, basic database services, web development, and access to the Internet.

It is anticipated that computers will have to be replaced or upgraded every four years resulting in approximately one-quarter of the computers replaced every year. An inventory database will be maintained by the GBIT Service Desk staff. Four year old workstations can be used for student workers, ad-hoc, and emeriti as supply allows.

Computers can be kept on the network for five years with no support being offered after that period. 

All computers over six years old are not supported by GBIT and must be returned to GBIT for disposition unless a special exception is granted.


A 3 year warranty comes on all computers purchased by GBIT (excluding special PC requests) and will be no cost to repair normal wear and tear on the devices or flaws in the system. Accidental damage is not covered by warranty and will void all warranty, due to this the department is responsible for repair or replacement of the computer, regardless of how the computer was funded. In terms of centrally funded computers that are damaged due to accidental damage, the replacement will be the department's responsibility if it is within the 4-year replacement cycle. 


With the switch to energy efficient LCD monitors, GBIT will replace centrally funded monitors as they fail at no cost.  Departmentally funded monitors will continue to be replaced at the department's choice and cost.

Data Storage and Backup

All data that is critical should be stored on a campus network share, OneDrive, or SharePoint which is backed up on a regular basis. Campus network shares are provided for personal, departmental, and class needs. GBIT is not responsible for backing up data saved locally to hard drives. Users who elect to keep data on a local drive are solely responsible for maintaining and backing up that data. Contact the Service Desk if you have questions about your storage needs and available options.

Identification and Replacement of Obsolete Computers

Computers will be considered obsolete when they can no longer provide a " basic level of service" to the user. Basic level of service is defined as efficient access to the most current versions of the operating system(s) and software provided through the campus network. Basic level of service should also include having direct access to a printer that is located in the general vicinity of each user's office. 

Printers and other peripherals are the responsibility of the department and must be capable of working with the current campus standards for operating system and office application suite.

All computers, tablets, docks, monitors, and phones are the property of the the University regardless of funding source. As such, they must be returned to GBIT for reuse or disposal. If a computer is determined by GBIT to have no useful purpose anywhere in the University, it will be sent to the Director of Purchasing for disposal according to State of Wisconsin mandated surplus equipment procedures.

Training Provided

All faculty and staff should be able to do the following using a networked computer:

  • Produce documents using either Windows or Macintosh-based word processing software;
  • Send and receive e-mail using the campus network;
  • Access the World Wide Web including UW-Green Bay's web site;
  • Use the SIS system to obtain information about courses and students;
  • Use the SIS system to assist students with their advising and registration needs;
  • Use the automated library search systems.

The Information Services Division provides training for all of the applications above as well as designing web pages and course management systems.

All faculty and staff interested in advanced training should be encouraged to make use of workshops offered by the Computer Center or Learning Technology Center or attend workshops and seminars at off-campus locations.

Funding Process

Funding to ensure that each faculty and staff member has access to a basic level of computer service is the responsibility of the institution as a whole. GBIT is responsible for ordering and installing all workstations on campus.  Workstations for GPR (Fund 103, 102, 131) funded faculty and staff positions are supported through a central fund administered by the Computer Center.  Program Revenue departments will be charged-back for their computer hardware and support services.  If there are insufficient funds available to replace or upgrade all computers identified as obsolete, the Provost, in consultation with the Leadership Team, will determine which computers should be replaced given the funds available.

Student computers in the General Access labs are funded by the Student Technology Fee.

Specialty lab computers are funded by the Lab Modernization Fund.  The goal is to not exceed 50% of the Lab Mod Fund, or approximately $100,000.

Ordering Process

Orders for Computers and monitors are placed 3 times a year: April 1st, August 1st, and December 1st. A fee of $75.00 will be placed on all order cancellations or changes made once the order has been placed.

Organization and Administration

The Associate Provost for Information Services, in consultation with the Technology Council, should coordinate all University initiatives in the area of information technology including: (1) provision for basic computer services for faculty and staff; (2) faculty and staff training; (3) securing of external (including UW System) funding; and (4) the identification of the information technology needs of faculty and staff.

The Associate Provost for Information Services should also monitor all sources of funding available to the institution to support educational technology and make every effort to ensure that UW-Green Bay keeps pace with national trends.

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