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Remote Desktop for Staff Members FAQ

This document discusses common questions regarding Remote Desktop.

Who has access to campus Windows PCs using the Remote Desktop service?

Remote Desktop is available to all UW-Green Bay faculty and staff with personal access to a campus Windows PC from their personal Windows PC.  Currently the software does not support remote access to a campus Macintosh.

Individuals who share a campus PC may only log in remotely when it is not being used by someone else. Each person may remotely access one  campus PC.

How do I access my office PC using Remote Desktop?

The UW-Green Bay Remote Desktop service can be accessed at You will need to log in with your campus username and password. 

What do I need to access my office PC via Remote Desktop?

To access your office PC using Remote Desktop, you must have a Windows computer and a high speed Internet connection. Remote Desktop can be accessed from any browser.

Can someone gain physical access to my office PC and files while I'm logged in remotely?

While you are connected remotely, your campus PC is locked so that no one with physical access to your machine may use it or gain access to your files.

How long can I stay remotely connected to my office PC?

Currently there is no limit to the time you can remain connected to your office PC. If you should be logged in when we do our scheduled forced shutdowns of campus PCs, you will lose any unsaved work and will need to re-establish your connection. Forced shutdowns are scheduled at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings and at 3:00 a.m. on the third Friday of each month.

Can I print to my home printer when I'm logged in remotely?

Currently, you are not able to print directly to a local (home) printer from within your remote session.

If you have created files on your campus PC that contain graphics (i.e. SPSS, SAS, or Maple files) and you wish to print them locally, we recommend you use Acrobat Pro to convert them to a PDF before emailing them to yourself as attachments.

Can I copy files from my home computer to my personal M drive or other drives on my office computer?

Currently, direct file transfer (drag & drop or copy & paste) is not available between your office PC and your home computer.

When I save files from within my remote session, where are they saved?

When you are logged into your campus PC via Remote Desktop, it is just as if you were on campus sitting at your PC.  You can save files to your personal M: drive or another share to which you have access, such as a department share.  You will not be able to directly access any drive on your home machine from within your remote session. 

How secure is the Remote Desktop Service?

The Remote Desktop software uses SSL over HTTPS to provide secure access to your office PC. This means all communications from your home computer to your office PC are encrypted, making it virtually impossible for anyone to hijack the session or view your information.

What if I time out while trying to connect to my office PC?

If it takes your office PC a while to boot up, the connection may time out and you will be taken back to the Session Manager screen. If this happens, wait a minute and click Run to try connecting again. You might try this as many times as necessary to make sure your office machine is up. If you still have difficulty, contact the IT Help Desk at (920) 465-2309 or at

The Disconnect command - leaving a process running on your office PC.

Within the Remote Desktop session, you will see both Log Off and Disconnect commands on the Start menu. If you choose Log Off, this is equivalent to quitting all applications and logging off just as you would if you were physically in your office. If you choose Disconnect, your office PC will remain logged in (but locked) and any processes you may have running will continue to run, even though you've disconnected the remote session. When you get to campus, you will need to enter your username and password to unlock your PC.

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