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EMS - Booking a Room

This document details how to book a room in EMS.

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Booking a Room
Schedule a Room That You Are Authorized To Reserve Online
Browse Events
Browse a Building or Area
Browse the Reservation Book
Locate a Group

Booking a Room (All Computer Lab Requests go through the University Union)

1. Log in using one of the two options:

        1. If logging in with an SSO, use

        2. If logging in with EMS credentials, use 

2. Log in using your supplied credentials. Be sure to use your full email address.

***NOTE: If you do not have login credentials, contact Staci Baumann at***

EMS login

3. Select "Book Now" next to the room you would like to book.  All of your available rooms to book will be shown on the Home screen.

Screenshot of Book Now

4. Provide the details for the highlighted fields below:

        1. Date.

        2. Start Time.

        3. Add/Remove Locations, or Let Me Search for a Room-Space.

        4. Add/Remove Setup Types, or I Know What Room-Space I Want.

Screenshot of New Booking

5. Once the proper information is submitted, a list of rooms will appear to the right. Select the following symbol to book the desired room:

6. Provide the information requested in the window below and select "Add Room-Space" to confirm.

EMS add room-space

7. Once the required information is provided, the selected room will appear under the "Selected Rooms-Spaces."  Select "Next Step" to be brought to the Services screen.  If you choose, you may leave the fields blank. 

8. Select "Next Step" from the Services screen to be brought to the Reservation Details screen.

9. Use the fields provided to enter the information below.

***NOTE: If desired, the first contact can be whomever is creating the reservation; be sure to include the person requesting the reservation as the second contact using the "temporary contact."***

Screenshot of EMS Booking Information

10.  Select "Create Reservation" in the bottom right-hand corner. The next screen will show "Reservation Created."

Schedule a Room That You Are Authorized to Reserve Online

1. Select "My Account" on the green bar above, and then select "Log In." You will be asked for your full email address and password.

2. Once logged in, you can now reserve a room if you are authorized to book the room. To do this, navigate to reservations on the green bar, and then select "Room Request." You need to answer all the red items.

Browse Events

1. Select "Browse" on the bar above, then select "Browse Events."

2. Select the date and building, and then all the events will show up if they are public events. This will show you what is happening in each building.

Browse a Building or Area

1. Select "Browse" from the bar above, and then select "Browse Building or Area."

2. Select the building you want to look at and navigate down the reservation book to find the room that you are interested in.

3. Select the room name to find out the room capacity, special features, equipment in the room, etc. Most rooms have pictures, and if you select the picture, you will enlarge it.

Browse the Reservation Book

1. Select "Browse" from the bar above, then select "Browse Reservation Book."

2. Add the building and date you want to look at.

3. The screen will show you a reservation book of each room in the building that you selected. You can see most events listed. If an event is listed as private, that means it's a class, a private function, or isn't open to the public. Most people use this to check if a room is open for planning an event or maintenance reasons. If you want the room, you need to contact a scheduler to book it, unless you are authorized to book the room online

University Reservations: (920) 465-2462        Weidner Center: (920) 465-2726        Kress Center: (920) 465-2064

Locate a Group

1. Select "Browse" from the bar above, then select "Locate Group."

2. Enter in the beginning letter of the alphabet of the group, and a list of groups in our date base will show up beginning with that letter

***NOTE: This will show up for today's date only.***

3. Select the group that you are looking for, then select the locate option. A list will show up if they are here.

4. You can also obtain more information about the University Union, Kress Center, and Weidner Center, and get to the new Campus Master Calendar, by selecting the "Links" key above, located on the green bar.

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