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UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things)

This document details how students in campus housing connect TVs, gaming consoles, smart devices, etc. to the UW-Green Bay IoT network. Instructions for how to manage devices are also included in this document.

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Logging in
Registering a New Device
Managing Devices

***NOTE: UWGB-IoT is designed for devices that cannot connect to the more secure networks (eduroam). You can have up to three devices registered to your name; devices can be shared with roommates if desired. To learn more about which wireless network you should connect to depending on your device, see this KB: Determining Which Wireless Network to Connect to***

Logging in 

1. Navigate to the UW-Green Bay IoT page on a device connected to eduroam.

2. Sign in with your UW-Green Bay username (your email address without the "" at the end) and password.

3. Sign in again with the same username and password. This second sign in is for the Operator Login which needs to be completed.

Screenshot of UWGB-IoT Login Screen

Registering a New Device

1. When logged in, a Create New Device screen will appear. If not, use the white box on the upper left hand of the screen and select "Create Device."

Screenshot of Create New Device Screen

2. Fill out the form using the below information:

        1. Enter in the MAC Address of the device. To find the Wireless MAC Address of your device, follow the instructions listed in this KB: Finding MAC Addresses for Personal Devices

        2. Enter in the Email of the owner of the device. You can use any email as long as it belongs to the owner of the device.

        3. Enter in the Phone Number that is most accessible of the owner of the device.

        4. Enter in the Name of the Device. This is up to personal choice meant to help recognize multiple same devices on the same network.

        5. Enter in any Notes for the device. These are optional and are meant to help the user with any reminders, special information, device details, etc.

        6. Select the Terms of Use box.

        7. Select "Create" when all required boxes are filled.

Screenshot of MPSK Device Registration

3. You will receive a popup confirmation including your unique UWGB-IoT Password. You will need to enter this UWGB-IoT Password when you connect your device to the UWGB-IoT network. You will also receive a confirmation email with the password.

Screenshot of IoT Confirmation Page

4. Now, when you go to setup a wireless connection with your device, UWGB-IoT should become an option. When you try to connect to it, it will ask for a password - enter the unique UWGB-IoT Password received in the confirmation.

Managing Devices

1. Use the box in the upper left-hand corner and select "Manage Devices." 

Screenshot of Manage Devices

2. Once successfully navigated, you can see a list of your added devices. From this page, you can:

        1. "Create" a new registration form.

        2. "Remove" a select device.

        3. "Edit" the select device registration form.

        4. "Print" a select device.

Screenshot of Manage Device Options

3. While editing, you can change the MAC Address and the Device Name. When you're done editing, to save your changes select "Update Device."

Screenshot of IoT Editing a Device Registration Form

***NOTE: Wii's will only connect via USB Ethernet adapter.***

***NOTE: For high performance gaming, use the wired connection in the Residence Halls when available.***


  • We encourage students to connect to printers using a USB cable when possible.  USB cables are available at the GBIT Service Desk free of charge.

  • Printers are only allowed to be used on the wireless network if registered and connected to UWGB-IoT (NOT eduroam or UWGB-Guest).

  • If you've registered your printer online and connected to UWGB-IoT, and it still does not work, you will need to turn off the wireless settings option and the WiFi direct setting. Even if your printer is turned off completely, if the Wi-Fi direct setting is on, it will still interfere with the network and cause problems for others in the building. USB cables are available at the GBIT Service Desk for connecting to your printer.

  • There is a known issue with Epson printers not working on our network.


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