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Computer Inventory - Using OneDrive to Enter Computer Inventory Information

This article details how to log into OneDrive and update the Computer Inventory spreadsheets that are shared with departments.

1. Log into Office 365 to access OneDrive. You need to use your full campus email for the username. When you Select "Next," it will redirect to another login page for you to enter your UW-Green Bay credentials password. 

Screenshot of Microsoft Login

Screenshot of UW-Green Bay SSO

2. If you do not start on the OneDrive page, Select the OneDrive icon at the left side of the page. There is also a menu button in the upper left corner of Office 365 which has navigation. 

Screenshot of Office 365 Sidebar

3. In order to see the OneDrive files that have been shared with you, Select "Shared" tab from the left menu. 

Screenshot of Shared Tab in OneDrive

4. There should be a folder that is called Inventory - Year. Then, find your department's Excel spreadsheet called Computer Inventory - "Your Department." 

Screenshot of Shared OneDrive Folder Inventory

5.  By default documents open in editing mode. However, if you're in read-only Select the upper tab next to "Help" and Select "Editing." By editing online, it ensures that other people can collaborate on the file with you simultaneously. If you edit in Excel, it will lock the file for editing for everyone else until you close it. All changes are automatically saved to documents on OneDrive, so there is no need to Select the save button. There will be previous versions kept of all the spreadsheets. 

Screenshot of Editing the Spreadsheet

6. Please verify all information is correct. If you change any information, please change the font color on that cell to red. If you want to change the Replacement Summer, type an apostrophe in front of year (ex: '2016), and it will update the shading for easier viewing. 

Screenshot of Editing Cells

7. If you want to change the Replacement Computer for any line, simply delete the 1 from a column and put 1 in another column.  Pricing should update automatically.  If you do not want a computer replaced at all, delete the 1 from the Replacement Computer column and change the Replacement Summer to 'None.  If you want to replace a computer set to None, please change the Replacement Summer to the current year (ex: '2015) and add a 1 to the appropriate Computer Replacement column.  There is a notes field on the far right for anything important that needs to be shared. 

Screenshot of Editing the Department's Computers

8. The summary of costs are listed under Fiscal Year Cost Summary.  This will update automatically. 

Screenshot of the Fiscal Year Cost Summary

9. When you are done, you can Select your initials in the upper right corner. Then Select "Sign out." There is no need to save changes, as they are all saved automatically. 

Screenshot of Signing Out of Office 365

10. Please email Zach Gloshen ( when you are all done making changes.  This allows him to start collecting department inventories prior to the deadline so it can speed up the process.

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