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Qualtrics - Adding a Consent Form to Your Survey

To add a consent block to your survey and have the survey continue only if the user consents:

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1. Create your survey as normal
2. Choose “Add Block” at the bottom of the first block of your survey
3. Click the “Block Options” dropdown on the new Block and choose “Move Block Up”
4. In the new block click “Create a New Question” and make it descriptive text. This is where you will type or copy/paste your consent statement
5. Add a question after this statement. Make it multiple choice with options “I consent” and “I do not consent” or similar
6. Click “Survey Flow” at the top
7. The page should list “Show Block: Block 1” and “Show Block: Default Question Block” or similar
8. Click “Add a New Element Here”
9. Choose “Branch”
10. Click to “Add a Condition”
11. Create the logic: If [Question] [The question you created in step 5] [answer choice is consenting] is [Selected] and click OK.
12. Click and drag where the main block of your survey (“Default Question Block” if you have not changed it) says “Move” to place it under “Then Branch If” where it says “Add a New Element Here”
13. At the BOTTOM (not under “Then Branch If”), click “Add a New Element Here”
14. Choose “End of Survey”
15. Click Save Flow
Your flow should look something like this:

For more information on how to create this type of survey flow, visit:


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