Kentico - Check Out/In and Publish

This document details how to create a page and how to publish it to the web. Kentico Xperience 13 has a Workflow process that protects web pages so that only one user has access to edit a web page at a time. This way no one will be able to overwrite changes any one else has created. We liken the system to checking out a library book.

Step 1: Check Out a Page
Step 2: Make an Edit
Step 3: Check in the Page

Step 1: Check Out a Page

Page check-out and check-in ensures you don't edit a page while someone else is working on it. You must check out a page before you can edit it. You must check it back in before another Kentico user can edit the page or before you submit it for approval for publishing. You can only check out pages to which you have access privileges. You can request editor access to sites after you have completed the Kentico training.

  • In the site tree on the left, select the page that you wish to edit.
  • Click Create a New Version or Check Out.

Step 2: Make an Edit

  • Insert your cursor into an editable text region on the page. You'll notice a toolbar will appear at the top of the screen with some formatting options.
  • Make your edit.
  • Click Save.

Step 3: Check in the Page

When you're done making edits, check in the page. If your page is ready to be published, submit it for approval. A trained member of the web team will review pages that you submit for approval and publish them. If the edits don't meet minimum content quality and accessibility standards, the reviewer may reject the page or make edits to bring it into compliance before publishing.

  • Click Check In.
  • If your page is ready to be published, click Submit for approval.
  • The web team will review your page to make sure it meets UW-Green Bay quality standards and publish. This shouldn’t take long, but if you need us to fast track a review, email us at

Once you submit a page for approval, you will not be able to check the page out again until after it has either been approved and published or rejected. Make sure you've made all your necessary changes before submitting for approval.

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