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Remove AppleID Account and Wipe iPad

This document details how to wipe and iPad and remove its AppleID account.

Removing AppleID (iCloud) Account
Wipe the iPad

***NOTE: AppleID (iCloud) accounts need to be removed from iPads in order for anyone else to use the iPad. Employees need to do this before handing in a campus-owned iPad. The removal process requires the AppleID password, as well as the passcode to unlock the iPad if one is configured. If the AppleID password was forgotten, it can be reset at as long as they have access to the email address used to create it.***

***NOTE: The wiping procedure will remove all their data including email. If you have any questions or issues with an iPad, you can call the Help Desk, but it would be easier if you can bring it to the Help Desk.***

Removing AppleID (iCloud) Account

Determine iOS Version

The process will look different depending on the version of iOS installed on the iPad.  To find iOS version:

1. Open "Settings."

Screenshot of iOS Settings App

2. Select "General."

3. Select "About."

Screenshot of Settings General Tab

4.  Look for the Version tab in the list on the right. This is the iOS version. The first part of the number (9, 10, etc.) is what we care about here.  

Screenshot of Version Tab

Remove account in iOS 10 or newer

1. Open "Settings."

2. Tap on the AppleID account in the top left.

3. Scroll down on the right to the "Sign Out" button.

4. Tap on the "Sign Out" button.

Screenshot of Settings

5. Enter the AppleID password.  If the password was forgotten, it can be reset via email or security questions at

6. Tap on "Turn Off."

Screenshot of Apple ID Password

7. Tap all sliders to make them grey.

8. Tap "Sign Out."

9. Tap "Sign Out" to confirm.

Screenshot of Sign Out

Remove account in iOS 9 or older

1. Open "Settings."

2. Tap on iCloud on the left side.

3. Scroll down on the right side.

4. Tap on "Sign Out."

Screenshot of Settings

Wipe the iPad

***NOTE: You must first remove the AppleID (iCloud) Account. Although you can wipe the iPad without removing the AppleID, it will require the AppleID during the setting up new iPad process, which cannot be skipped.***

1. In Settings, tap on "General" on the left.

2. Scroll down on the right to "Reset."

3. Tap "Reset."


4. Tap on "Erase All Content and Settings."

5. Tap on "Erase."

Screenshot of Erase

6. The iPad will now erase all user data and settings, and reboot.  It takes a few minutes, and it will come up to the Hello screen that starts the Setting up new iPad process.  As long as the AppleID (or iCloud) account had been removed, the iPad is ready to be given to another person.  

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