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Rates and Fees for Technology Equipment

All students picking up equipment need a permission slip from the instructor. There are no off-campus checkouts.

Instructional Use - UW-Green Bay user for classroom or classroom-related activities.
Non-Instructional Use - UW-Green Bay user for non-classroom activities (i.e. meetings, clubs, etc.)
External Use - Users not associated with UW-Green Bay. External requests from government, educational, or non-profit organizations should be referred to the GBIT Service Desk. Phone 920 465-2309 or

***NOTE: NC = No Charge, NA = Not Applicable***

 Equipment  Instructional -Use  Non-Instructional Use  External Use
 16mm projector - daily  NC  NC  NC
 Camcorder  NC  $20.00/day  $20.00/day
 Camcorder - Mini-DVD  NC  NC  NC
 Camcorder - student use  NC  NC  NA
 Camcorder - TV prod. (verify on class roster)  NC  NC  NA
 Cassette recorder  NC  NC  $8.00/day
 Boombox  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Digital audio recorder  NC  NC  $8.00/day
 Digital camera  NC  $4.00/day  $4.00/day
 Document camera  NC  $15.00/day  $30.00/day
 Dry Erase Markers (colored, 4-pack)  NC  $4.00  $4.00
 Dry erase marker (black)  $4.00  $1.00  $1.00
 DVD player  $1.00  $10.00/day  $10.00/day
 Extension cord  NC  $3.00/day  $3.00/day
 Extra TV Monitor  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Flip chart stand (includes 1 pad of paper, marking pens)  NC  $7.00/day  $7.00/day
 Flip chart stand (without paper and pens)  NC  $2.00/day  $2.00/day
 Pad of paper for flip chart stand & pens  $5.00/day  $5.00/day  $5.00/day
 Headphones  NC  $1.00/day  $1.00/day
 Lamination (horizontal 8-1/2 x 11= $1.15 per sheet)  $1.50/foot  $1.50/foot  $1.50/foot
 Laptop - MAC (faculty/staff only)  NC  NC  NA
 Laptop - PC (faculty/staff only)  NC  NC  NA
 Laser pointer  NC  $1.00/day  $1.00/day
 Lighting kit (faculty/staff/TV production class only)  NC  $10.00/day  NA
 Opaque projector cart  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Overhead projector, with/without cart  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Portable LCD projector  NC  $20.00/day  $70.00/day
 Portable LCD projector cart w/comp.  NC  $40.00/day  $70.00/day
 Portable overhead projector  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Portable projector screens - (any size)  NC  $4.00/day  $8.00/day
 Satellite site support - campus  $15.00/hour  NA  NA
 Satellite site support (government or non-profit)  NA  $30.00/hour  NA
 Satellite site support - non-campus  NA  NA  $150.00/hour
 Slide projector  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day
 Sound system 1  NC  $35.00/day  $35.00/day
 Sound system 2  NC  $50.00/day  $50.00/day
 Sound system 3  NC  $70.00/day  $70.00/day
 Speakerphone (Polycom Sound Station)  NC  $5.00/day  $10.00/day 
 Stereo cart  NC  $10.00/day  $20.00/day
 Transparencies - black & white  $0.50  $0.50  $0.50
 Transparencies - color  $1.00  $1.00   $1.00 
 Tripod - daily  NC  $2.00   $2.00/day
 Tripod - TV production - verify on class roster  NC  NC  NC
 Tripod (still camera)  NC  $2.00/day  $2.00/day
 TV (see extra TV monitor)  NC  $10.00/day  $20.00/day
 TV/VCR w/TV monitor - cart (1/2" VHS/DVD)  NC  $10.00/day  $10.00/day
 TV/VHS combo unit  NC  $10.00/day  $10.00/day
 VCR - International  NC  NC  NA
 Videoconf. site support - campus  $15.00/hour  NA  NA
 Videoconf. site support - Govt. or Non-Profit  NA  $30.00/hour  NA
 Videoconf. site support - non-campus  NA  NA  $150.00/hour
 Videoconf. Pre/Post Room Charges  NA  NA  $35.00
 Videoconf. Cancellation Fee (less than 48 hrs. notice)  NA  NA  $75.00 
 White board  NC  $10.00/day  $20.00/day
 Audio Duplication, Labor Cost per Unit $0.60 $0.60 $0.60
 Data Duplication, Labor Cost per Unit  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00
 Video Duplication, Labor (Less Media)      
 0-30 minutes  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00
 30-60 minutes  $2.00  $2.00  $2.00
 60-90 minutes  $3.00  $3.00  $3.00
 90+ minutes  $4.00  $4.00  $4.00
 Scanning, per hour  NC  $25.00  $25.00
 Scanning, forms only, per sheet  $0.05  $0.05  $0.05

Audio/Video Storage Media
 CD-R w/case  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00
 Audio Cassette w/hinged box  $1.10  $1.10  $1.10
 T-120 professional VHS w/sleeve box  $3.50  $3.50  $3.50
 DVD-R w/case  $2.00  $2.00  $2.00
 Mini DVD-R w/case  $2.00  $2.00  $2.00
 DVD label printing (service fee)  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00

For A/V production/equipment rates, contact Media Services Technical Support
 Engineering services staff per hour rate  $50.00  $50.00  $50.00
 Technical services staff per hour rate  $35.00   $35.00  $35.00
 Media Technician Assistant (student) per hour rate  $15.00  $15.00  $15.00

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