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SPSS - Installation V29 Instructions for Windows Personal Device

This document details how to properly install SPSS on a Windows personal device and add UW-Green Bay authorization.

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Installing SPSS
Adding Authorization to Use SPSS

***NOTE: Windows System Requirements: Windows 10 or 11***

***NOTE: At this time, SPSS is not supported on the Chrome OS/Chromebook. ***

Installing SPSS

1. Navigate to the UW-Green Bay SPSS webpage to start installing the latest version of SPSS. When prompted, log in using your full campus email address and password.

2. Once navigated to the SPSS webpage, select "Download for Windows" located at the bottom of the page.

SPSS for Windows Download Link location

3. Navigate to the downloads folder of your PC. There, you will find the installer for SPSS. When you double click it, it should open. You may need to select "Yes" to allow the install.

Screenshot of SPSS in Downloads Folder

4.  When prompted with the installation dialog, select "Next."

Screenshot of Beginning SPSS Installation in InstallShield Wizard

5. Complete the following:

        1. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement."

        2. Select "Next."

Screenshot of Accepting Terms in the License Agreement for SPSS

6. Keep the destination at its default and select "Next."

Screenshot of Destination Folder in InstallShield Wizard

7. Select "Install."

Screenshot of Ready to Install the Program Window in InstallShield Wizard

8. Wait for the installation to finish and then select "Next."

Screenshot of Installing IBM SPSS Statistics 27

9. Complete the following:

        1. Make sure the box that says "Start IBM SPSS Statistics now" is checked.

        2. Select "Finish."
Screenshot of Install Shield Wizard Complete

Adding Authorization to Use SPSS 

1. The Authorization Wizard should open after installation. If it doesn't open, do the following:

        1. Navigate to the Windows Search Bar and search "SPSS".

        2. Select the "IBM SPSS Statistics" option under Apps:

Screenshot of SPSS in Windows Search Bar

2. A pop-up may appear saying "Activate IBM SPSS Statistics." Select "Launch License Wizard."

Screenshot of Launch License Wizard

3. The Product Authorization window will pop up. Complete the following:

        1. Select "Authorized user license."

        2. Select "Next."

Screenshot of Product Authorization

4. For the following steps, you'll need the SPSS Authorization code. Navigate back to the UW-Green Bay SPSS webpage (this page may prompt you to log in, use your complete campus email and password) and copy the authorization code listed under SPSS v29 home use Windows and MAC.

Screenshot of SPSS Code on Green Bay Website

5. Complete the following:

        1. Enter the code from above into the "Enter Code" box.

        2. Select "Add."

Screenshot of SPSS Code in SPSS

6. This will move the code to the bottom box. Once that is complete, select "Next."

Screenshot of Final Code in SPSS

7. You will get a window like the one below, then do the following:

        1. Make sure it displays "Successfully processed all codes."

        2. Select "Next."

Screenshot of Sucessfully Processed Codes

8. Select "Finish."

Screenshot of Finish Installation

9. SPSS Version 29 should now be successfully installed and ready to use. 

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