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Kentico - Create Image Slider

This document details how to properly create an image slider.

1. Email "" to request a slides folder. Include in the email a hyperlink to the site and location within the site where the image slider is needed.

2. Once you receive a reply stating that a folder has been created, login to Kentico and locate the slides folder under your sites.

Screenshot of Kentico Folder

3. Select the folder and Select "+", and then Select the "UWGB Image Slider" option.

Screenshot of UWGB Image Slider Option

4. Name the image slide "slide1" and then Select the "Select" button.

Screenshot of "slide1"

5. Select the Library drop down and Select the "more libraries" options in order to locate the site's Media Library.

Screenshot of Media Libraries

6. Enter in the Name box to quickly locate your media library. 

Screenshot of Name Box

7. Navigate the sidebar to find the folder that hold your image. Select the image and Select the "Select" button at the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of Sidebar and Image

8. Select "Save" and the slide should appear under your slides folder.


***NOTE: If you want a button (hyperlink) to appear with the image, add the appropriate infor in the bottom section.***

9. Repeat Steps 3 - 8 until you have all the images you want to be within your slideshow. (3-4 is appropriate)

***NOTE: Be sure to name the slide differently. (Example: slide1 --> slide2...)***

10. Select the page that you want to insert the image slider. Select the widget icon.

Screenshot of Media Gallery and Widget

11. Search for the image slider up in the search bar and Select "UWGB Image Slider".

Screenshot of UWGB Image Slider

12. Once the widget is inside the page, "Save" and Navigate to "Preview" to see if it is displaying your slides.

Screenshot of Preview

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