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Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder

As of October 2018, Kaltura has released a new desktop recorder called "Capture" to replace the old recorder, CaptureSpace. CaptureSpace will go offline in June of 2019. "Capture" has a more streamlined user interface, and also has improved compatibility.

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To use Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, it needs to be launched through Canvas.

Launching Kaltura Capture:

  • After logging into Canvas -
    1. Click on your portrait/Account in the upper-left corner of Canvas
    2. Select My Media
    3. Click on Add New
    4. Select Kaltura Capture

Installing Kaltura Capture (first time user):

After navigating to a Kaltura Capture launch point (methods 1-3 above), click on either Download for Windows or Download for Mac and follow the installation procedure outlined under Downloading and installing the application

Using Kaltura Capture

Here's an image of what Kaltura Capture looks like:

The icons above, from left to right, are:
  • Start Recording - self explanatory
  • Screen area recording preview - click this to disable or enable the screen area for your recording. If you have more than one monitor, select which you're using with the caret.
  • Webcam preview - click this to disable or enable the webcam for your recording. This will not appear if Capture does not detect your webcam.
  • Microphone - click this to disable or enable your microphone. If you have more than one mic device, select which you're using with the caret.
  • Manage - use this link to manage any recordings you have stored on your computer (e.g. delete, describe, upload, etc.). You can also change the resolution of your screen and camera, and toggle system audio recording. You would want to record system audio in the event you were capturing other media or items with sound within your recording.

Here's an image of what the recording interface looks like:

The icons from left to right, bottom row are:
  • Stop recording (square icon) - click this when you're all done recording
  • Pause recording (double vertical lines icon) - useful when taking a break or to change recorded content (e.g. switch from PowerPoint to a YouTube clip)
  • Cancel recording (X icon) - discards any recorded material from the last time Start Recording was pressed
  • Current recording duration
  • Microphone indicator - displays current volume of detected sound, in essence how loud you are
  • Notation tools (pencil icon) - clicking this opens the notation tools (upper half of above image). You can draw [pencil selected], make arrows by clicking and dragging [arrow selected], write text [T selected], record the mouse pointer with "clicks" indicated visually [arrow selected], move notations by clicking and dragging [4-way arrow selected], change notation color, discard/clear all notations [trash icon], and adjust the width of notations [vertical slider].

Uploading recordings to Kaltura:

Once you click Stop and confirm you're ready to stop, you'll be automatically taken to the "Manage" page. You can change the title, add a description, and any tags you want. When ready, click Save and Upload. You can also just save your recording an upload it at a later date from the Manage page.

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