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Kaltura My Media and Canvas

This document details an overview of how to use the Kaltura My Media video tools within Canvas to upload, create, and embed videos.

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***NOTE: Kaltura "My Media" can be accessed from the Canvas Dashboard or from within courses. It's possible to do all tasks available via the Dashboard within any course. Working within a course also allows you to insert/embed your My Media content in course-specific areas like Discussions, Pages, etc.***

Accessing My Media through the Canvas Dashboard

Accessing My Media through the Canvas Dashboard allows you to create recordings, upload recordings, create video quizzes, access viewership analytics, request captions, and launch the video editor. To access My Media from the Dashboard, select "Account," then "My Media."

Screenshot of My Media

Uploading video files to your My Media library:

You can upload video files from your computer to your My Media library to make them easily sharable in Canvas. To upload files to your My Media library, select "Add New > Media Upload" from your My Media page. Full instructions for uploading videos to My Media are on this guide page: Kaltura (Canvas) - Uploading Videos

Creating videos with My Media - Kaltura Capture

Watch the video below to learn more about using Kaltura Capture. Select the diagonal arrows in the lower-right to increase the video size.

For a detailed guide on using Kaltura Capture to create My Media videos, please see this guide page: Kaltura - Using the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder

Inserting/Embedding a My Media Video in a Course

Create or edit the area you'd like to insert the video in, like a Page, Discussion, or other area in Canvas that allows for descriptive text entry (e.g. Assignment instructions, etc.). In the area where you would type a message, make sure your mouse cursor is blinking where you'd like the video to appear. In the image below, the cursor is in the upper-left of the text-box.

Select the "My Media" button (rainbow pinwheel icon) in the text editor toolbar.

screenshot of the Canvas editor with the My Media toolbar button highlighted

Scroll through your videos until you find the video you'd like to insert and select the "</> Embed" button. Or, to upload a new video, select "Add New > Media Upload" to "Choose a file to upload" from your computer.

When the "Upload Completed!" message is displayed, enter a title for the video in the Name field.

screenshot of the My Media upload media interface

Select "</> Save and Embed" to embed your newly uploaded video, or, to access advanced video embed options, select the "Embed Settings" button (looks like a gear).

In the Embed Settings area, you may change the player type and size for the video being inserted.

You may also select a different "Start" and "End" time for the video, if you wish. This setting will start and end the video at the time you indicate rather than playing the entire clip.

        1. (Optional) To change the player type, click the Choose Player drop-down menu. Note: You may keep the "Default" player, which provide the standard player options (including the "Playback Speed"button and the "Full Screen" button). Or choose the "Sharable" player, which will provide buttons that your students can use to download the video or link to the video with a URL or embed code.

        2. (Optional) To change the player size, click the Max Embed Size drop-down menu. You may wish to make the player size smaller if you plan to add text to the Assignment description.

        3. (Optional) To set a different "Start" and "End" time for the video, select the Start at button and enter the time code for the point in the video you'd like students to begin watching. You may also wish to select the End at button and enter the time code for the point in the video you'd like students to stop watching.

Screenshot of the advanced embed options menu

More information on embedding My Media videos in Canvas can be found on this guide page: Kaltura - Inserting a Video in Canvas with the Rich Content Editor

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