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Create Sandbox Template Courses in Canvas

This document can show instructors how to create a sandbox course in Canvas. A Canvas sandbox course, previously known as a "master" course, is a place for instructors to create, test, and develop course content outside of an active instructional course. Sandbox courses cannot contain Students, but content from a Sandbox course can be easily imported into an instructional course.
Perform the following steps to create a new Canvas Sandbox course:
  1. Navigate to the UWGB Canvas page:
  2. Click on Canvas Login
  3. Choose your institution (UW-Green Bay)
  4. Sign in using your UWGB username and password
  5. Click on the Help button in the Global Navigation bar
  6. Click the link called Create a Sandbox Course

    IMPORTANT: The "Create a Sandbox Course" link only appears in the Help menu when it is accessed from your Canvas dashboard in the main instructional instance of Canvas. Make sure that your browser's address bar shows "" while you are attempting to create a sandbox course. If it does not, you should close Canvas and start with a fresh sign in from the UWGB website or navigate directly to You will not see the sandbox creation link if your address bar shows "", "", or "". If you are not yet enrolled as a teacher in an instructional Canvas course, you will not see this link. Please contact to request that an admin create a Sandbox course on your behalf.  

    screenshot of create a sandbox course option in the Canvas help menu

  7. Fill out the form to create a sandbox course
    • Enter a Course Name
    • Enter the same thing for Course Code, or a shorter version
    • Choose a Department
    • Click Create Course

      screenshot of sandbox course creation tool menu

  8. To immediately access the sandbox course you just created, click on the Let's Go! link, or repeat step 7 to create additional Sandbox courses.

    screenshot of sandbox course creation tool with let's go button

  9. Your sandbox template courses will be available on your Canvas Dashboard and/or within the Courses > All Courses list.
You can easily copy content between your instructional and sandbox courses by following the procedure in this Canvas guide page: How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool?

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