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Canvas - How to Sign In

This document details the steps required for UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff to sign into Canvas at UW-Green Bay.

***NOTE: In order to sign into Canvas, a person needs both an active campus account (e.g. or and to know their UW-Green Bay email address and password.***

Steps to Sign In to Canvas

  1. Navigate to UWGB's Canvas website at

  2. Select "Canvas Login."

    screenshot of the UWGB Canvas website with the Canvas login button's location highlighted

  3. If prompted to "select your organization," select your institution's main campus and select "Go." Users from all UW-Green Bay campus locations should select "UW-Green Bay."

    screenshot of the organization selection page of the Canvas sign in process

  4. Enter your UW-Green Bay username or email address (including "" is optional) in the "Username" field, and then select the Next button.

    Screenshot of the sign-in page with the Username field and Next button highlighted

  5. Enter your password in the "Password" field, and then select the Verify button.

    Screenshot of the sign-in page with the Password field and Verify button highlighted
  6. Select the Send push button and use the Okta Verify app on your phone to confirm your identity, or, if you set up an alternate security method for verification, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your identity by SMS message, phone call, or physical token.

    See Okta Verify - Setup Guide for more information on setting up multi-factor authentication for your account.

    Screenshot of the sign-in page of a user who uses the Okta Verify security method with the Send Push button highlighted

Potential problems signing in

  • Corrupted browser cookies and/or expired saved login credentials can result in an error message when logging in to Canvas (for example, "Bad Request - Header Field Too Long"). It may be necessary to clear your browser's cache, cookies, and saved passwords to resolve these errors. Please refer to these help articles on clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

  • Entering incorrect credentials. To verify if this is the case, try logging into your campus email or other campus services. They all use the same username and password, and can be a useful method to check before proceeding with more troubleshooting. If you cannot log into any UWGB network service, please reset your password or contact the UWGB IT Service Desk by phone at 920-465-2309.

  • A campus account is not created yet. In order to sign into Canvas using the main UWGB sign-on portal, one needs a UWGB.EDU email address. If you are a new instructor and do not have your UWGB network account yet, please contact your department or Human Resources.

  • If you enrolled in a Continuing Education Canvas course and registered for Canvas using a non-UWGB.EDU email address, you must sign in using the alternative UW Continuing Education Student Sign In Portal. For more information on Continuing Education Canvas user accounts, please see: Canvas (Continuing Education) - Login and Password Resets for Community Members without UWGB Network Accounts.

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