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Job opportunity phishing continues

Posted: 16:04:12, Monday, Sep 9, 2019   Expiration: 16:04:12, Monday, Sep 16, 2019  

A new job opportunity phishing attempt has been discovered.

Malicious e-mails were recently sent out from two UWGB addresses with the subject line "Urgent Reply Needed!". All examples we've seen have had the following text in the body:

" The services of an Executive assistant is urgently required to work Part-time and get paid $350 weekly. This position is open to  under- graduate students only. 
If interested please Click here to submit  a copy of your updated resume or send your FULL NAME, CURRENT HOUSE ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE AND PHONE NUMBER. to these email (work@executiveassistantwork.com)

Best Regards,
Professor  Joseph. "

The messages in question also contain a link to https://www.executiveassistantwork.com/ . If you encounter it, don't click it! We've blocked access to this site on our campus network and are currently working to get it taken down altogether, but it may still remain accessible through other Internet providers for some time. Below is a screenshot of what it looked like when we found it. Stay safe!

Screenshot of form present on phishing site

-- UW Green Bay: Cameron Collins

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