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Fake Job opportunity emails

Posted: 10:34:47, Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019   Expiration: 10:34:47, Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019  

Another fake job opportunity email

Email scam alert!  Never respond to unsolicited emails offering you job. Especially a job as a personal assistant for a busy executive.

Here are some clues to look out for: (1) the email doesn't match any of the names in the email body. (2) you are requested to reply to a different email address.

Here is the scam:
From: Katie F

Good Day,

A Personal Assistant is needed by Mrs Evelyn Atom , a Business Analyst. The personal assistant job involves you working remotely from your location to support a busy executive. The qualified person should be smart and very resourceful with exceptional communication skills and organizational ability. I need your service and skills because I am constantly out of town and I am presently in Alberta, Canada. We will conclude the interview and employment when I return to the states on the 20th January

Coordinating a complex schedule both work and personal
Manage multiple task lists
Manage & run personal & business errands
Handle highly confidential and/or sensitive matters with discretion and tact at all times
Education: Must be either currently attending school or graduated.

Job Type: Part-Time (2-3 Hours Weekly) Salary: $300/Week

Urgent and/or Trial Task:
An immediate task requires you to perform an important assignment this week/next week. My Financial Adviser will issue you a Certified Company Check to execute the task. You will need to Purchase gift items for kids (Foster Care). I will send you delivery address after the purchase. Note that you are not to use your personal funds. If you are interested and qualified, provide your contact details using the format below:

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
ZIP Code:
Cell Phone:
Alternative Email:

Email your interest to: other_address@outlook.com

Evelyn Atom

-- UW Green Bay: Travis Albrecht

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