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Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Phishing

Posted: 16:07:03, Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018   Expiration: 16:07:03, Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018  

Delete the phishing email sent from a Faculty account with subject line "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)"

The email body is:

Dear ,
This is a courtesy notice from Admin Team, your  user@uwgb.edu account needs more space.  You will be blocked from sending and receiving emails.
To avoid exceeding quota and continue receiving emails, please follow the link below to maintain account. This service is free of charge.
No further action will be required, we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
2018 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Do not click on the link, Delete the email.

For more information on Phishing emails, how to spot them, and what to do when you receive a phishing message, please read this post on UWGB.edu

-- UW Green Bay: Travis Albrecht

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