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MiFi 7000 User Guide

This article has useful information regarding the use of the MiFi 7000 wireless hot spot.
MiFi 7000:
MiFi 7000

MiFi Overview:
MiFi Overview
MiFi Overview

MiFi Device Display:
MiFi Device Display
MiFi System Requirements:
Your device needs WiFi capability and an internet browser to use the MiFi 7000.

Turning Your MiFi On/Off:
ON: Press and hold Power button for two seconds.  Wait up to 30 seconds for full function.
OFF: Press and hold Power button for three seconds
WAKE: Press and release Power button.

MiFi Home Screen:
MiFi Home Screen

Finding WiFi Name and Password:
From the Home screen, tap WiFi Name and Password to open the WiFi Name and Password screen.  
WiFi Name and Password

Connecting to the Internet:
Select the MiFi device from the list of available networks on your device.  Enter the password from the previous step.  You should then be connected.

Charging the Battery:
1. Connect the USB end of the QuickCharge charger into the charging port of the MiFi 7000.
2. Plug the other end of the wall charger into the appropriate electrical outlet. When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon will turn solid green.

Note: The battery should be fully charged before you begin using the MiFi 7000.

Charging Other Devices:
1. Slide the port shield to expose the USB universal charging port. 
2. Connect the USB cable to the device to be charged.
3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the Universal Charging port on the MiFi 7000.

My MiFi just powered off without my pressing the power button. Why?
This may occur under any of the following circumstances: 
• Pressing the Master Reset button 
• MiFi automatically restarting after configuration changes 
• Switching profiles  
• Restoring the configuration settings 
• Battery depletion To restore battery power, follow these steps. 
1. Manually press and hold the power button to turn it back on. 
2. If the battery is depleted, charge the MiFi with the wall charger.

No service is available
• Reorient your device. If you are inside a building or near a structure that may be blocking the signal, change the position or location of the device. For example, try moving your device close to a window.  Your MiFi should have 2+bars for consistent service; if the MiFi is at one bar, try changing its location.

The MiFi has no power or the device screen does not display when the power button is pressed. 
• Make sure the battery is properly seated in the device. 
• Make sure the battery is fully charged. Plug in the AC charger for at least 3 hours.
It is recommended to keep your MiFi plugged in at all times to avoid issues.  

I cannot connect to my MiFi. 
• Make sure the Network Signal Strength indicator displays at least one bar and that the type of network is displayed on the MiFi’s Home screen. 
• Make sure your Windows Wi-Fi adapter/Mac AirPort is turned on. (Refer to your computer’s Help if you need assistance.) 
1. Open your wireless network connection list: Windows: Right-click icon and select View Available Networks. Mac: Pull down list from AirPort icon. 
2. Windows: Click Connect. Mac: Select the network name.

I see the network name but cannot connect to my MiFi. 
• Go to Wi-Fi Name/Password to check that you are using the correct Wi-Fi password

How do I disconnect from the network? 
• To disconnect from the WiFi network, select Settings > WiFi > Turn Off on the MiFi device.  

How can I tell that my MiFi is still on after the device screen goes off? 
• When the display is off (sleep mode) and the MiFi is turned on, the blue Power indicator on the front panel of the MiFi blinks.

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