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Office 365 - Outlook on the Web User Guide

This document details tips and tricks for using Outlook on the web.

Categorizing Emails
Display Settings
Sending Messages
Adding an Event to your Calendar
Switching Accounts

Categorizing Emails

1. Select "Categorize" at the top.  

Screenshot of Outlook

2. Under Categorize, you will see various colors:

        1. To create a new category, select "New category."

        2. To see existing categories and create a new category, select "Manage categories."

Screenshot of Manage Categories

3. In the Categories Settings page:

        1. To delete a category, select the Trash icon.

        2. To favorite a category, select the Star icon.

        3. To create a category, select "Create category."

Screenshot of Categories Page in Settings

4. To keep your inbox organized, select "Sweep." Sweep will automatically place emails from specified senders in folders. Select the option that best suits your needs and then select OK.

Screenshot of Sweep Function

Display Settings

1. There are many settings found under the Settings icon. The search function of Outlook is very powerful, so use it when the setting you're looking for is not immediately apparent. This can be used for all settings: 

        1. Dark Mode: Sets Outlook into a darker background.

        2. Focused Inbox: Splits the inbox emails between a Focused mailbox and Other mailbox.

        3. Desktop Notifications: Get desktop notifications for each email and event reminder. 

Screenshot of Settings Menu

2. Change the options in the following screenshot to customize your view in Outlook on the web.

Screenshot of Settings Menu

Sending Messages

1. Select New mail at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Screenshot of New Email

2. The options shown below are present once your message is open:

        1. Provides options to create a table or remove formatting.

        2. Provides an option to insert an email signature.

        3. Adds an emoji to the email body.

        4. Adds a file attachment. 

Screenshot of Email Body Example

Adding an Event to your Calendar 

1. Select the Calender icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

Screenshot of Calendar Icon

2. Select "New event."

Screenshot of New Event in Calendar

Switching Accounts

1. To sign out, select your initials from the top right and select "Sign out."

***NOTE: This menu also allows you to open another mailbox, something which has proven useful for those with multiple UWGB accounts.  You can also find your Office profile, which allows you to customize your Office settings and more.***

Screenshot of My Account

2. To open another Office 365 application, select the grid on the top left. Select which app you would like to open or consult the list of recent documents for a quicker search.  

Screenshot of Apps Menu

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