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Uninstalling and Reinstalling Global Protect

This document details how to uninstall and reinstall Global Protect on a Windows 10 PC.

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1. Using any browser, navigate to

Screenshot of URL

2. On the following screen:

        1. Sign in using your UWGB username (without "") and password.

        2. Select "Log In."

Screenshot of Paloalto Login

3. Download the Windows 64-bit option.

Screenshot of Download Windows 64

4. Double-click the download to run it.

Screenshot of GlobalProtect64

5. Follow the prompts for install. Select "Next" on each window shown below.

Screenshot of Welcome to the GlobalProtect Setup Wizard

Screenshot of Select Installation Folder

Screenshot of Confirm Installation

6. Once the installation is complete:

        1. Find the Welcome to GlobalProtect window at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

        2. Select "Get Started."

Screenshot of Get Started

7. Once GlobalProtect opens:

        1. Enter the following into the portal address field:

        2. Select "Connect."

Screenshot of Welcome to GlobalProtect

8. When prompted to choose a certificate:

        1. Select the certificate with your computer's GB number at the front.

        ***NOTE: Choosing the option with [empty] will lead to errors.***

        2. Select "Connect."

Screenshot of Select Certificate

9. On the following screen:

        1. Sign into Global Protect using your UWGB username (without "") and password.

        2. Select "Connect."

Screenshot of GlobalProtect Sign-in

10. To check if you're connected, find the icon below and select it.

Screenshot of Connected Global Protect

11.  If you are connected, you should see the screen below.

Screenshot of GlobalProtect Connected

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