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VoIP - Cisco 7821

This document details the Cisco 7821 phone.

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Getting Started

Your Cisco 7821 phone is pictured below:

Cisco 7821 Phone

Cisco 7821 Phone
Cisco 7821 Diagram Item Description
1 Incoming Call or Voicemail Indicator Red LED light indicates that you have a voicemail message waiting. All voicemail messages will also appear in your Outlook e-mail inbox.
2 Line and Feature Buttons Allows you to view calls on a line, or access features such as Speed Dial. View the Quick Start Guide for more information.
3 Softkeys Four programmable keys.
4 Navigation Assists in moving through various menus.
5 Hold, Transfer, and Conference

Hold: Places an active call on hold.
Transfer: Transfers active calls to another extension.
Conference: Adds an additional person to the call.

6 Speakerphone, Headset, and Mute

Speakerphone: Makes a call with the speakerphone.
Headset: Makes a call with a plugged-in headset.
Mute: Mutes the speakerphone, headset, and handset.

7 Voicemail, Applications, and Directory

Voicemail: Allows access to voicemail inbox.
Applications: Allows access to a menu of available features. Press "1" to select Recents and view a list of recent calls. Press "2" to view the phone settings.
Directory: Press, and select "2" for the UWGB directory list. Use the keypad to search by first name, last name, or number.

8 Volume Controls the handset, headset, and speakerphone volume. 

***NOTE: In case of emergency, dial 911.***

Your phone number appears on the left side of the screen next to the top line select button. Line 2 (if applicable) appears on the second button. 

On-Campus Calls

For on-campus calls, dial their four-digit extension.

Off-Campus Calls

Dial to access an outside line:

  • Local Calls: 8 + 7 digits
  • Long Distance Calls: 8 + 1 + 10 digits


Follow the voice prompts to setup your mailbox. The default voicemail PIN is 242042. You must create a new 6-digit (minimum) PIN for your personal mailbox. Do not choose numbers in consecutive order. If you hear a prompt to enter an ID, enter your 10-digit phone number.

You can listen to all voicemail messages in Outlook using the default media player. Deleting the message from Outlook will also delete the message from your voicemail box.

Changing Settings

There are two portals you can use to change settings on your phone and voicemail. Log in to both with your campus username and password. 

Other Information

Navigate to the following article for more information on how to use your phone: Quick Start Guide.

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