Course Evaluations (Program Chairs) - Excluding a Section from the Standard Evaluation

This article describes how program chairs can add a special attribute to a section while scheduling it in CLSS that will prevent the course evaluation system from sending the standard UWGB Student Evaluation of Instruction form to the students in that section.

Program chairs can identify courses which should not use the standard UWGB Student Evaluation of Instruction form (sometimes referred to as the “Standard Course Eval” or “CCQ” form) by adding a special section attribute in CLSS. Schedulers must add the “Standard UWGB Course Eval: Exempt from standard course evaluation” attribute to each section where students should not be sent the standard evaluation form. With the exception of certain courses (see below), UWGB’s course evaluation system will send standard course evaluation forms to the students in every course section that does not have this “Standard UWGB Course Eval: Exempt from standard course evaluation” attribute.

For course sections that should receive the standard course evaluation form, chairs do not need to add any evaluation-related attribute in CLSS.

How to Add the Eval Exempt Attribute in CLSS

Instructions on how to add or remove the "Exempt from standard course evaluation" section attribute in CLSS are available on the CLSS Resources page of the UWGB's Registrar’s website.

Like most data entered in CLSS, this section attribute will copy forward into the schedules for future terms. For example, if a chair adds this attribute to a Spring 2024 class section, it will be copied forward into that same section in CLSS for Spring 2025. Likewise, if a chair adds this attribute to a Summer 2024 class section, it will be copied forward into that same section in CLSS for Summer 2025.

How to Filter CLSS Searches for the Eval Exempt Attribute

To filter a search in CLSS to find classes that have this attribute (or do not have this attribute), please read this guide on filtering searches for the exempt eval attribute

Automatically Excluded Sections 

The following course sections have the eval exempt attribute added at the catalog-level. Chairs do not need to manually add the attribute to sections of the following courses in CLSS, and UWGB’s evaluation system will not send the standard course evaluation to the students in these course sections. If a course on this list needs to use the standard evaluation, please contact the Registrar's Office to request the removal of the eval exempt attribute from the catalog or a specific section: 

  • Internships (Catalog Numbers 297, 497, 797) 
  • CO-OPs (Catalog Number 494) 
  • Teaching/Research Assistanceships (Catalog Numbers 495 & 496)  
  • Independent Studies (Catalog Numbers 298, 498, 798) 
  • Honors in the Major (Catalog Number 478) 
  • Thesis (Catalog Numbers 693 & 799) 
  • Social Work courses (SOC WORK)
  • Collaborative programs (ABT, BCM, CYB, DS, HIMT, HWM, SMGT) 
  • CCIHS sections (except Dual Enrollment program sections) 

Examples of Courses to Exempt by Adding the Section Attribute

While some programs may have other unique considerations, scheduling chairs may want to add the eval exempt attribute to courses like the following examples:

  • Courses that use a unique evaluation form in place of the standard evaluation 
  • A mandatory lab or discussion component which has the same instructor and student roster as its associated lecture component and where students evaluating the components separately would not make sense 
  • A practicum (or similar) course where the instructor of record does not serve an instructional role

Exempting a Course From the Standard Evaluation After the Scheduling Period

If a course section needs to be excluded from the standard course evaluation, but the chair did not add the exempt eval attribute to it during scheduling and no longer has access to make changes to that section in CLSS, the chair should contact their associate dean to request that the associate dean add the attribute to that section in CLSS. Associate deans retain the ability to modify sections in CLSS through the end of the term.

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