Firewall - Access to Library Resources for Students and Instructors in College Credit in High School Programs (CCIHS)

This document details how to access UWGB library resources for those involved in the CCIHS program.

***NOTE: We occasionally find that the network firewalls in use by K-12 school, some businesses, and health care organizations block proxy servers by default, since they can be used for nefarious purposes.***

***NOTE: The method we use to allow access to library resources from off campus is a proxy server, and if it is blocked by the communicating network’s firewall, then students and instructors in CCIHS programs will not be able to access library resources from their school networks.  Instead, they will only reach messages saying the server can not be reached or blank web pages, depending on how your network is configured to display sites that are blocked.  They will not reach the UWGB branded log-in screen.***

About our proxy server

1. It is an on-campus server, run and maintained by our IT department, and it is in compliance with UW-System security requirements.

2. The software it’s running, EZ Proxy, is a globally-popular program used by libraries to provide off campus access to their patrons.  The vendor is OCLC, which is a major vendor in the global library industry.  About EZ Proxy

3. We use Shibboleth and multi-factor authentication for campus systems, including EZ Proxy.

To permit traffic from your network to our proxy server, you will need to allow traffic to:

1. IP Address:

2. Port number: 2443

A good way to test to see if your network is allowing access:

1. Visit our Databases A-Z page:

2. Select any of the databases listed that have a “lock” icon.

3. If you reach this log-in screen, then the proxy access is working.

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