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Mac - Logging into Adobe and Installing Adobe Applications

This document details how to log into Adobe on a Mac.

***NOTE: This document details how to sign into Adobe on a Mac for the first time. After the initial login, Adobe should keep you signed in***

Installing Adobe Applications

Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud

1. In the Top Right Corner of your Mac's home screen, there should be a Figure Eight icon
        1. Click on the Figure Eight icon

Screen shot of Adobe Creative Cloud location on Mac

2. A sign in page will pop up
        1. Use your UWGB email and password to sign in

Screen shot of Adobe sign in page on Mac

4. Shortly after, a SSO sign in page with pop up
        1. Use your UWGB email and password to sign in

Screen shot of Adobe SSO on Mac

5. If the sign in is successful, you will receive a Duo authentication prompt
        1. Approve the Duo authentication

6. You have successfully signed into Adobe and may start using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite

Installing Adobe Applications

1. After logging into Adobe Creative Cloud, you can install the Adobe applications
        1. Click on the same Figure Eight icon from "Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud" located in the top right corner of your Mac's home screen

2. When Adobe Creative Cloud opens, go under "All Apps"
        1. Here you can install any Adobe applications you would like

Screen shot of where to install Adobe applications on Mac

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