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Microsoft Office Word tips

This document contains tips on how to fix problems with MS Word that we have discovered here on campus

Margins outside printable area

For whatever reason (usually an issue between Microsoft and HP not playing well together) users will get the following message when trying to print: “Margins outside printable area…” --- and it just won’t go away… there are a number to tweaks you can tryPage border settings, margin settingsbut most often those just don’t fix the problem…

Easiest fix is to have the user save the document as PDF – then print.

NOTE: most of the time you can just click “ok” and it will print just fine… but this is not acceptable when someone has done a huge mail mergethey would have to click “ok” for each page of the document.


Mail Merge instructions

How to create a mail merge in Office 2010

Mail merge not retaining formatting

Inserting a Header on the first page only

To create a header on just the first page of the document go to the view menu - header and footer. A small window will open up. In the center of the window you will see a button that looks like an open book, if you place your pointer over it the words ‘page setup’ will appear. Click on this button. The next window, which opens, will be the page setup window containing the options for the header.

In the section labeled ‘Header and footers’ click on the check box stating ‘Different first page’, then click ‘OK’ After this is completed you can type the information you need to into the header, and click ‘OK’ on the header menu which should be open.

How to Print a Range of Pages in a Merged Document

When doing a mail merge in Microsoft Word, it defines each new item as a section break instead of a page break. When printing any document with section breaks, you must specify what sections you would like to print as opposed to what pages.

For example: If you have a merged document consisting of 24 envelopes, but you only want to print out envelopes 2-7 and 9, specify pages as s2-s7,s9

Note: If you have a document with section breaks where each section is more than one page long, you can also specify exactly what pages you would like to print from that section. If you wanted to print out pages 2-7 and 9 of section 2, it would be formatted like this: p2s2-p7s2,p9s2.

Microsoft Word Tracked changes on a MAC

Tracked changes show up differently - depending on the VIEW.

If you are in "Final Showing Markup", you'll see balloons for deletions and comments.

In "Original Showing Markup", the balloons will show additions and comments.

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