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Correcting Keychain Password Errors

This document details how to correct Keychain password errors.

***NOTE: The Keychain is part of your Mac profile that stores passwords for various programs including Safari and Outlook.  If you change your campus password using Outlook Web Access or any other method aside from directly within System Preferences, the Keychain password will not update and you will get error messages every time you open various applications.***

Deleting/Recreating Your Keychain Using Self Service
Delecting/Recreating Your Keychain Manually

Deleting/Recreating Your Keychain Using Self Service

***NOTE: Please try this method first.***

1. Please save all unsaved work before moving on to the next step because your computer will automatically restart and close any open applications.

2. Press cmd and spacebar to open Spotlight Search.

3. Search "Self Service" and select to open it.

4. Select "Maintenance" from the navigation bar on the left.

5. Find and select open "Delete Personal Keychain" from the available options.

6. Select "Run" on the right side. Your computer will now restart within five minutes.

7. After your computer has restarted on its own and is at the login screen, you can login and use your computer as you normally would.

Deleting/Recreating Your Keychain Manually

***NOTE: Try this if the above method does not work.***

1. From the Finder menu bar navigate to "Go > Go to Folder..."

Screenshot of Go to Folder

2. From the Go to Folder... window navigate to the users ~/Library/Keychains/ folder.

Screenshot of Go to the Users Keychains Folder

3. Delete the all of the contents of the ~/Library/Keychains/ folder.

Screenshot of Delete the Content of the Folder

4. Reboot the Mac and have the user log in.

5. The Keychain has now been recreated and is synced with the new campus password.  To prevent this issue in the future, can change the password by navigating to "System Preferences -> Accounts -> Change Password..."

A note on why we remove the entire contents of the ~/Library/Keychains/ folder (Local Items Issue):

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