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Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology

This document discusses the Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology


University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the Internet

Approved: Technology Council 11/01/2015
Chancellor's Cabinet  03/03/2016


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay provides access to campus network resources, including the Internet, in order to support learning and to prepare students for an increasingly technological world. All students will receive a computer account, which includes file storage on the central servers, email services, library services and access to their student records. Use of campus computing resources and the Internet must be consistent with the educational goals of UW-Green Bay and must comply with State and Federal laws and the campus Acceptable Use Policy. Students must respect the integrity and security of UW-Green Bay's computer systems and network, and the privacy and preferences of other users. Responsibility for learning about and complying with UW-Green Bay's Acceptable Use Policy ultimately rests with the individual. University staff will assist the student in understanding acceptable and unacceptable uses.

Account privileges

  • Student records and communication between students and faculty/staff is protected by the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA.) Among the exceptions to FERPA, UW-Green Bay network administrators may review electronic transactions to ensure that the system is being used properly.
  • Students may not permit other persons to use their usernames, passwords, accounts or disk space, or disclose their usernames, passwords or account information to any third party.
  • Students may not log on to someone else's account, internet address, or other network codes, or attempt to access another user's files.
  • Students may not create false or dummy accounts to impersonate someone else. 
  • Students may not try to gain unauthorized access ("hacking") to the files or computer systems of any other person or organization.
  • Students may not impersonate another person by forging e-mail, web pages or other electronic media.
  • Students who maliciously access, alter, delete, damage or destroy any computer system, computer network, computer program, or data will be subject to disciplinary action by UW-Green Bay, and criminal prosecution as well. This includes, but is not limited to, changing or deleting another user's account; changing the password of another user; using an unauthorized account; damaging or deleting University files; altering the system; using the system to make money; destroying, modifying, vandalizing, defacing or abusing hardware, software, furniture or any UW-Green Bay property.
  • Students may not disrupt or attempt to disrupt network traffic or attempt to overload or crash the network and attached systems. Students may not attempt to monitor or capture network traffic in any way.
  • The University provides data jacks for connecting laptops in numerous areas across campus that are labeled  DATA JACK AVAILABLE  FOR STUDENT USE.   Students may not connect to other data jacks
  • Students may not intentionally create, store, display, print or transmit information which violates the University‚Äôs Sexual Harassment Policy available at
  • All student conduct policies apply to network usage as noted on Dean of Students web site located at   

Academic Use of the Network

  • The University provides public access machines in computer labs, the library, classrooms, and student services area. Priority use of these computers is for academic related purposes.
  • Faculty may restrict the use of laptops and other electronic devices in the classroom for pedagogical reasons.
  • Students may not engage in "spamming" (sending unsolicited electronic communications to large groups of people at the same time) or participate in chain letters. 

Commercial use

Copyright, Licenses, & Laws

  • The network may be used to download, copy, or store any software, shareware, digital media files or freeware, as long as the use complies with copyright law; licensing agreements, and campus policies such as storage space limitations and network bandwidth restrictions.
  • Any software that is installed must be properly licensed from the copyright owner, and any modifications must comply with the terms of the applicable license(s).
  • The network may not be used for any activity, or to transmit any material, that violates United States, Wisconsin or local laws.
  • Users must comply with the "fair use" provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976. The Cofrin Library professionals can assist with fair use issues.

Students who violate this Acceptable Use Policy or any other campus policy relating to computer usage are subject to disciplinary action by UW-Green Bay. Consequences for such actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Suspension or revocation of computing and/or account privileges
  • Deactivation of housing network port
  • Disabling access to the network.
  • Referral to law enforcement officials
  • Educational sanctions
  • Disciplinary action as directed by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Suspension from UW System

Disciplinary and appeal procedures are outlined in the Academic Disciplinary Code (UW-Green Bay Ch 14) and Non-academic Disciplinary Code (UW-Green Bay Ch 17) available on the Student Services Website

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Dean of Students.

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