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UW-Green Bay Remote Lab

The UW-Green Bay Remote Lab service offers students access to a campus lab computer from any location on or off campus via an Internet connection. A pool of PCs can be logged into from either Windows or Macintosh clients any time of the day or night, giving students access to core & specialty lab software, their personal network drive (drive M), and course shares. 24658 In addition, PCs in the following specialty labs are available from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m.: Computer Science lab (MAC 122), GAC multimedia lab, LS 102, Biology Lab (LS212).


rmlabLogin.jpg      LS 102 Lab is not available until 9pm on Thursday nights.

  UW-Green Bay Remote Lab FAQs


Notes for First Time Users

  • Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox are supported.  The remote lab will not work in Google Chrome.
  • Java must be enabled in your web browser. If needed, you can go to the Java website to download and install this free plugin.  Since Java is required, Remote Lab will not work on most mobile devices. 
  • Dial-up modem connections are not recommended or supported.
  • If a remote lab connection is idle for 30 minutes, it will be automatically logged off.
  • Maximum connection time is three hours.  After three hours you will be warned and then logged off.  You may log back in if a machine is available. 

Problems:  Please email and include the following information:

  • Operating System and Version (OS 10.9, Windows 7, etc.)
  • Browsers used
  • Java Version
  • Problem description -- please be as specific as possible

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