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UW-Green Bay Remote Lab FAQs

This document discusses the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab FAQs

Who can access the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service?

The remote lab is currently available only to students with UW-Green Bay network accounts. Faculty and staff are offered similar functionality with the  Remote Desktop for Faculty and Staff  service to their office PCs.  Faculty may be granted access to the Remote Lab if it is needed for activities related to class preparation and course development.  Faculty should contact Bonnie Laundrie (email: to make a request.

How do I access the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service?

The UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service can be accessed at To use this service, you must have a Windows or Macintosh computer and a high speed Internet connection.  Supported browsers include Internet Explorer on Windows PCs and Safari on Macintosh computers. A connection to the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service may be made through dial-up, but because of speed limitations, dial-up access is not recommended or supported.

The remote lab service does requires that Java be enabled in your web browser. If needed, you can go to the Java website to download and install the latest version of this free plugin. If you are having difficulty connecting to the remote lab, we recommend that you update your Java plugin.

When accessing the remote lab, your browser may issue a Security Alert dialog box informing you that you are about to view pages over a secure connection. Simply press OK to continue. Next, you may see a dialog box where you will need to enter your UWGB username and password. Provide the information and press the LOGIN button. If there is an option to “Always trust content from HOB GmbH”, choose this and press Run to continue.

The remote session will then display the Important Notice! dialog box. Once you click OK, you will be automatically logged in to a remote lab computer.

When is the Remote Lab Service available?

Generally, the Remote Lab is a 24 x 7 service so that it's always available to students. However, CIT staff may perform maintenance work on campus servers and the network between 6 and 7 am, Monday through Friday. Users will not be warned if maintenance work is being done during this period, and it is possible that access may be disrupted. CIT staff try to minimize the impact of maintenance work by scheduling these activities during low usage times.

What software can I use with the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service?

All of the General Access Lab software is available on the primary 24-hour Remote Lab computers.

How long can I stay connected to the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service

Accounts left idle on a remote lab computer for 30 minutes will be automatically logged off. Maximum connection time is three hours. After three hours, users will be notified to save their information and given three minutes to log off. A user may log back in if a computer is available.

Can I print from the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service?

Currently, printing is not available from remote lab computers to either lab printers or local printers.  If you wish to print a document to your local printer, you can email it to yourself and then print. ( Be aware that you must run Internet Explorer and Outlook Web from your local computer, not from within the remote session, to be able to save attachments locally.) If you wish to print documents containing graphics (i.e. SPSS, SAS, or Maple files), we recommend that you use Acrobat Pro to convert them to PDF before emailing and printing.

Can I copy files from my local computer to the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service computer?

Currently, direct file transfer (drag & drop or copy & paste) is not available between the Remote Lab PC and your home computer. You can use WebDAV or FTP to move files back and forth between your local computer and your campus network drives, or you can email files to yourself as attachments. If you do this, please be careful not to keep multiple versions of your files, and to transfer them back to where you wish to ultimately store them.

When I save files within my Remote Lab session, where are they saved?

When you are logged into a remote lab PC, it is just as if you were sitting on campus logged into that PC.  You can save files to your personal M drive or another share to which you have access, such as a course share.  You will not be able to directly access any drives on your local machine from within your remote lab session. 

Can I switch to my local machine from my remote lab session?

When you are logged into a remote lab PC on a Windows machine, you can move your cursor to the top of the window until a Connection Bar appears.  You can then minimize your remote lab window to a button on your taskbar and access your local machine.  Do not close your Session Manager window or your connection will be terminated. To bring your remote lab session up again, click on the taskbar button.

Also, avoid clicking the Maximize Window icon on the Connection bar within your remote lab session since this may result in an inability to recover your full screen mode.

How secure is the UW-Green Bay Remote Lab Service?

The Remote Lab software uses SSL over HTTPS to provide secure access to remote lab machines. This means all communications from your computer to the remote lab PC are encrypted, making it virtually impossible for someone to hijack the session or view data. When a connection to one of the remote lab machines is broken (by an unexpected disconnect), the server will cleanly close out all sessions to the workstation before allowing connections by other remote users. Furthermore, the remote lab machines are located in a secured area, so while they are being accessed, others can't approach them. When a user has an active remote session to one of the machines, the screen appears "locked out" and can only be unlocked by that user or an administrator.

I'm getting a Security Alert Message when trying to access Remote Lab Services.

Our server has changed and you may have bookmarked the old url. The correct url is . You may see the following error when trying to connect to the remote services via the outdated url:


Tips for Macintosh Users

  • When using Remote Lab, you may find that your Dock is in your way. You can quickly turn on Dock hiding by going to Apple -> Dock -> Turn Hiding On. You can also change your Dock position here or choose Dock Preferences for more advanced options.
  • When you are connected to the Remote Lab, remember you are now using a Windows 7 machine, so your Mac keyboard shortcuts such as Command (Apple) + C and Command + V for copy and paste no longer work. Many common commands are similar, but you should use the Control key (such as Control + C and Control + V to copy and paste) instead.
  • Remote lab runs in full screen. However, on a Macintosh computer, the Apple file menu bar never goes away. As a result, if you maximize a window in the Remote Lab, the top portion of it will be cut off. You can still close windows opened full screen by going to File -> Close. You can also toggle out of full screen to access the top of a window (read below).
  • If you run into a situation where you need to take Remote Lab out of full screen, but do not want to end your session, you can press Option + Enter in Safari and that will switch from full screen to a Safari window that you can then minimize and use your Mac Desktop. When you want to go back to full screen, you can press Option + Enter again to toggle back.
  • When ending your Remote Lab session, always be sure to go to Start -> Log Off. Please do not just quit Safari. Doing so ties up resources and prevents other users from logging onto that machine.

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