Wireless - How to Connect Your Device to the Wireless Network

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Determining which network should be used
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Instructions for connecting to UWGB-Guest
Wireless Printers
Additional Help

Determining which network should be used:

  • If you have computer, tablet, or phone and you have a campus network account, connect them to eduroam.  You must use your full campus email address for the username and your campus password.  
  • If you have a gaming console, video-streaming device, or smart TV and you live in the residence halls, connect them to UWGB-NetReg.  This requires registering your device on a website first.  Instructions are included in the following article: How to Connect Your Device to UWGB-NetReg 
  • If you don't have a campus network account, connect to UWGB-Guest
  • If you have a wireless printer, use a USB cable.  

Instructions for connecting to eduroam by device:

Wireless Configuration for Windows 10
Mac - Wireless Configuration
Wireless Configuration for iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Wireless Configuration for Android
Wireless Configuration for Windows Phone

Students, faculty, and staff should log onto the eduroam wireless network to gain encrypted wireless access to the Internet from their computer, tablet, or phone.  

Eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.  UWGB has joined the eduroam consortium and supports the eduroam wireless network service. This enables faculty, staff, and students to access the wireless network at other participating eduroam institutions using their campus network account and password.  This also enables network access on the UWGB eduroam network to faculty, staff, and students visiting from other eduroam-participating institutions.

Instructions for connecting to UWGB-Guest: 

The UWGB-Guest network provides an unsecured wireless connection that is limited to 5 MBPS data rate and allows only the http, https, and ntp protocols.  Students, faculty and staff should be using eduroam, not UWGB-Guest.  Once you have configured UWGB-Guest and have opened a browser, you will be presented with a login page where you must enter a valid email address. You will need to enter an email address each time you reconnect to the network.  
Most printers now have wireless capabilities built in.  Even though you can technically connect them to UWGB-NetReg, they also usually broadcast their own wireless hotspot which interferes with our campus wireless and causes internet connectivity issues for the people around you.  We recommend that you connect your printer with a USB cable to print and unplug the power from your printer when not using it; this will prevent your printer from causing wireless interference.  We give out free USB cables to campus residents at Instructional Services 1150.

For most printing needs, our Pharos printers can be used. 

Additional Help:

  • If you changed your campus password and eduroam no longer works, try forgetting the eduroam network and connect again with your new password.
  • If you connected to eduroam but your device defaults to use UWGB-Guest or UWGB-NetReg, forget those wireless networks on your device.
  • For those living in residence halls, you may also use a wired connection for internet access.  A wired connection will be more stable than a wireless connection, which makes it preferred for online gaming or taking quizzes.  There are active network ports in each bedroom and in the living room.  You might need to purchase an Ethernet adapter for your device to be able to connect. 

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