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Student & Employee Distribution List Email Policy

This document discuesses the Student & Employee Distribution List Email Policy

E-mail Policy and Guidelines

Approved: Technology Council (10-7-02)
Chancellor's Cabinet (2-18-03)


It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin System to afford broad access to information technology resources for university students, faculty and staff for use in fulfilling the university’s missions, and for appropriate university-related activities. The University encourages appropriate use of all-campus email distribution lists for University-related business, requires civility and common sense in its use, and respect for others including the recognition of academic freedom and free speech.


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay furnishes computers and provides access to campus computer network resources; including individual email accounts to each employee and each student, in order to support learning and enhance instruction, promote educational excellence.

E-mail distribution lists are used to facilitate resource sharing, communication, research, and community building. This method of communication is viewed as being cost-effective and reducing the amount of paperwork distributed through other established means (intercampus mail). However, the overuse of campus-wide emails can reduce effective communication and so the University also encourages consideration of other electronic communication such as those listed in Appendix C.


  1. E-mail communication should be used to inform faculty, staff and students about activities, events or policies that relate to the University’s educational services and business. All campus E-mail distribution lists are maintained as a means of facilitating electronic communication within the University community.
  2. All campus and groups of employees and students email distribution lists will be established and maintained by the Information Services Division. Specific offices and individuals will be authorized to post to these lists (See Appendix B for current lists and authorized individuals and offices).
  3. Individuals may create convenience distribution lists as desired using their Outlook address book.
  4. The University owns the e-mail accounts and uses them as an official method of communication with employees and students. Employees and students are responsible for reading official information shared via e-mail.
  5. Campus e-mail distribution lists are not available to non-university entities.


  1. Material sent to distribution lists must be related to the group being mailed and must pertain to University business. The distribution lists are not intended to be used for personal or commercial gain.
  2. Use of plain text and web links are encouraged. Use of attachments and graphics is discouraged. Prepare the e-mail message exactly the way it should be sent out. Keep messages brief and to the point.
  3. Each message must contain the intended recipient(s), meaningful subject line, and signature block with sender, sender’s departmental affiliation, office telephone number and email address.
  4. The message should be a one-time event or announcement (not an on-going activity or deadline).
  5. E-mails should be edited carefully for content before being sent for posting. Repeat emails and corrections will be sent on a very limited basis.
  6. Messages should be sent to the authorized individual two days in advance to allow adequate time for posting.
  7. Acceptable Use and Network Etiquette policies must be followed. (Staff Acceptable Use Policy for Technology & the Internet )
  8. Sender is responsible for all replies, responses, and complaints.
  9. Same day event messages are not guaranteed to be sent
  10. Any student wanting to do an email survey is encouraged to first consult with Assessment or Institutional Research or Learning and Technology Center Offices for proper preparation, approval and email versus web application before sending. Instructor and Human Subjects Review Committee approvals are also required for student email surveys. E-mail surveys should be limited to course–related and official University business.
  11. The posting of email messages is determined by posting office. If a posting is denied, the message is returned to the sender.


UW-Green Bay Policies

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the Internet – UW Employees (Staff Acceptable Use Policy for Technology & the Internet )

UW System Board of Regent Policies

  • UWS 97-2 Policy on Use of Information Technology Resources

State of Wisconsin Code and Statutes

  • Chapter UWS 8 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Ethical Standards of Conduct for Faculty and Staff
  • Chapter UWS 14 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Academic Discipline
  • Chapter UWS 17- Wisconsin Administrative Code – Non-Academic Discipline
  • Chapter UWS 18 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Conduct on University Land
  • Chapter UWS 19 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Public Records and Property
  • Chapter UWS 21- Wisconsin Administrative Code – Use of University Facilities
  • Chapter ER-MRS 24 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Ethical Standards of Conduct for Classified Staff
  • Chapter US 939 – Wisconsin Administrative Code – Crimes against property
  • Chapter US 11 – Wisconsin Statute– Use of State Facilities for Political Activities
  • Section 943.70– Wisconsin Statute – Wisconsin Computer Crimes Act

Federal Regulations

  • Title 17 U.S. Code – Federal Copyright Laws

Approved by Technology Council October 7, 2002
Approved by Leaderhip Team, February 5, 2003
Approved by Chancellor, February 18, 2003

Appendix A
All Campus Distribution Lists

Classified (all classified employees)
Class-FSS (classified – fiscal and staff services)
Class-Non (non-represented classified employees)
Class-WEAC (Classified – Wisconsin Education Association Council)
Class-WSEU (classified State Employees Union)
Class-WSEUC (Classified State Employee Union Administrative Support with supervisors)
WSEUC (Classified State Employee Union Administrative Support without supervisors)
Class-Super (Classified Employee Supervisors)
Faculty (All faculty)
Instr-AS-W-Status (Instructional academic staff with faculty status)
Instr-AS (Instructional academic staff)
Non-Instr-AS (Non-instructional Academic staff)
Limited (Limited appointment, unclassified)
UW-Green-Bay (All UW-Green Bay employees)
UW-Green Bay Students (All UW-Green Bay students)
UW-Green Bay Active Students (All students registered for the current semester)

Appendix B

Offices and Individuals Authorized to Post to All-Campus Distribution Lists
Office Authorized individuals Type of message Send to Frequency
* Student Life

Assistant Dean for Campus Life Director of Student Life
Student Life USA

Student Activities, programs and organizations campuslife Sent each Monday – messages due Friday before no later than 4:30 pm
* Dean of Students Dean of Students
Dean of Students Office ADA & USA
One-time non-academic administrative notice Student On demand with two day advance notice
Academic Deans Office

Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dean of Professional & Graduate Studies
Dean of LAS ADA
Dean of PGS ADA

Academically related notices   On-demand
IT and Library CIO
Library Director
Coordinator of MIS
Coordinator of Networking
Coordinator of TEAM
Coordinator of User Support
CIT, training, and Library notices and services   On-demand
Provost Office Provost
Associate Provost
Provost Office ADA & USA
Administrative and academic notices   On-demand
Business and Finance Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
Director of Institutional Support
Director of Public Safety
Administrative notices   On-demand
Chancellor’s Office Chancellor
Assistant to the Chancellor
All-campus notices   On-demand
Advancement University Relations Assistant Chancellor for Advancement
Director of University Communications
Director of News & Media Relations
All campus notices and press releases   On-demand

Secretary of the Faculty & Academic Staff

Governance related notices On-demand
Human Resources

Director of Human Resources
Assistant Director for Employment & Diversity
Benefits Specialist
Payroll Specialist
HR Assistant

Human Resource related notices   On-demand
Housing Director of Residence Life Messages that pertain only to on-campus residents On-demand
Athletics Athletic Director Athletic notices   On-demand
Registrar Registrar Registration and SIS notices   On-demand
University Union Director of the University Union Messages that pertain to University Union events and Passport Card System   On-demand

Appendix C

Alternative Resources Available to Reach Employees and Students
Media Audience Contact Frequency
LOG Online Faculty and staff
Twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays
Fourth Estate Students   Weekly fall and spring semester
Res Life Cable TV Students living on-campus Res Life 465-2040 On demand – maximum 40 words
Union- This Week on Campus Faculty and students UU Marketing dept.
Weekly – due on Wednesday before Monday distribution
All University Calendar Faculty, staff and students  
Campus Life Events Calendar Students On-going

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