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Getting Started With GBShare

This document explains how to get started from basics in GBShare.

Access GBShare via an internet connection: A link to GBShare is found on both the “Faculty & Staff” and “Current Student” main page of

Login to GBShare


This log on uses any current and enabled campus log on.

After logging on GBShare will present the home screen. Read about the GBShare Interface to find out more about the home screen.

GBShare actions:

Creating Directories & Uploading Files

Create a New Directory:
Click on the “New Folder” icon in the main screen and enter a folder name at the prompt. Select Finish.


To Upload Files:

1.) From the main screen, click on the directory (folder) where you want to upload files.
2.) Click on the Upload in the navigation menu.
3.) Click on Advanced Upload for an easy drag and drop method of uploading files.gbshare_basic_uploader.jpg
4.) Or Click on the choose file button(s) to locate the file you want to upload into the directory.
Click on “Add File” to upload more files.

5.) Click Start Upload.

Using the Sharing Wizard to Share & Notify Users

*This is the BEST method to use in creating LINKS and TICKETS.

The Sharing Wizard guides you through sharing and notifying users. You may follow each step of this wizard, skip through to the desired step or end the wizard at any time.

1. Within the Document Manager put a checkmark in the box associated to the file or folder you would like to share.


2.) Click the Share button, or right click on the file or folder and select the Share option.
3.) You are now in the Sharing Wizard.

Add Users

1.) Add users with whom you would like to share the file or folder.
2.) Either begin typing in the user information in the box provided, or use the find utility by clicking on the Search for Users button.
3.) All users and/or groups you have selected will appear in the box.
4.) Click Next


1.) Select your preferred sharing options.
2.) You may select the following options: Viewer, Contributor, or Full Access.

3.) If you are sharing a folder, you will need to determine whether this access should apply to the current folder only, or this folder and all sub-folders by clicking on the appropriate radio button.

Note: Sharing directories differs from sharing files in terms of setting scope. When sharing a directory, select a scope for applying permissions. The scope represents how permission settings will be applied to sub-directories and files within this directory. 

4.) Optional: Click Back to return to the previous step, or click Next to skip the Share portion of the wizard, or click Finish to exit the Wizard.

5.) Click Next.


1.) You will be brought to the Email screen.
2.) Create an email to notify users of the new share.

3.) Optional: Click Back to return to the previous step, or click Finish to exit the Wizard. Be aware that if you do not uncheck the Send the below email when I click Finish option, the email shall be sent to all users listed.

4.) Click Finish.

Collaborate Outside the UWGB Organization: Tickets: A ticket allows both non-UWGB and UWGB users access to your folders and files. There are several ways in which tickets can be created and used.

Tickets can be created for one file or folder, or any combination of multiple files and multiple fo lders.

Create a ticket
During the creation of a new ticket, the file or folder's Permissions screen is updated with the new permissions.

1. On the Document Manager screen, Right-Click the selected file or folder, and then click the Manage -> Tickets option.



On the Manage screen, select the Tickets link.


2.) Click the New Ticket button located on the right.
3.) A new window will appear with default ticket values. You may modify the following:

o Permissions
o Lifetime
o Name
o Password

When you are satisfied with the values, click Ok to create the ticket.
4. The ticket is now listed in your
Tickets screen. You may copy and paste the URL for the ticket into your preferred e-mail client, or simply place a checkmark in the box corresponding to the ticket, and then click the Email button.


Default Ticket Values

If choosing to accept the default values of a ticket, your ticket has the following default properties:


page6image6200 page6image6896 page6image7320

Default Value

page6image10368 page6image10960 page6image11384 page6image11808

Available Values

page6image14632 page6image15056 page6image15480 page6image15904


Viewer (Read Only)

Viewer (Read Only) or Contributor (Read, Write and Delete)

page6image22200 page6image22896 page6image23320
page6image24016 page6image24712 page6image25136


page6image27208 page6image27904 page6image28328
page6image29024 page6image29720 page6image30144

30 days

page6image32656 page6image33080 page6image33504 page6image34096 page6image34520 page6image34944

1 minute to an unlimited time

page6image37760 page6image38184 page6image38608 page6image39200 page6image39624 page6image40048


System- determined.
The default name is
"Ticket For <folder_name> <file_name> <appended_number>" where <folder_name> is the folder's name, <file_name> is the file name, and <appended_number> is a generated identifier, should you create more than one ticket for this folder or file on a particular day.

Any name that has not already been used for another ticket

page6image48616 page6image49312 page6image49736
page6image50432 page6image51128 page6image51552


page6image53624 page6image54320 page6image54744 page6image55168


page6image58216 page6image58640 page6image59064 page6image59656 page6image60080 page6image60504

Passwords do not have a minimum length.

page6image63360 page6image63784 page6image64208

What happens when I e-mail this ticket?
If you have created a ticket in the above manner and have clicked the Email button, an e-mail message is automatically created with the link. From here, you may send ANY user (UWGB or non-UWGB) this e-mail. Once the user receives the e-mail, he/she will be able to click on this link and see the folder listing or open the file, depending on whether the ticket was created for one or more files or one or more folders. The user will be able to perform functions according to the permissions granted on the ticket. The user needs to retain this email message in order to have continued access to the folder or file\s.

What happens when I send a password-protected ticket?
If you have created a ticket in the above manner, you may send ANY user (UWGB or non- UWGB) this e-mail. Once the user receives the e-mail, that user must enter the correct password before being granted access to the folder's listing or the file. If the user enters the correct password, the folder listing or file will be displayed.

If the wrong password is entered, a message will display on the GBShare screen informing the user of the incorrect password. This screen will remain in the browser window until the user enters the correct password. There is no limit to the number of incorrect password attempts.

E-mail an existing ticket

1.) Right-Click on the file or folder, and then select Manage -> Tickets.

2.) Within the Tickets screen, place a check mark in the associated box, and then click the Email button.

3.) Your default e-mail client will open and will include the link to the ticket. NOTE: this will only occur if you have “My Default Email Client” select in your settings rather than “GBShare Web-based Email solution”. Otherwise the GBShare web-based email functionality will appear.

4.) The full path and file name of the ticket will be listed, along with an intellilink which does not require a GBShare account to access.

5. ) Click the Exit button in order to exit the Ticket screen.

Bookmarks: Shortcuts to storage directories

Bookmarks are shortcut links to directories within your GBShare account. Using Bookmarks, you can conveniently create shortcuts to your most frequently accessed directories. You can also create shortcuts to other users' directories you have been allowed to access.

Bookmark a file or folder

1.) On the Document Manager screen, Right-Click the selected file or folder, and then click the Bookmark option.

2.) Provide a name for the Bookmark *Note: This will be provided for you if you have selected the file or folder first.

3.) Click Ok.

4.) Newly created bookmarks display in the Bookmarks and Saved Searches section in alphabetic order. 

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