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Collaborating using Tickets (share to non-UWGB users)

This document covers how to share files with users who do not have UW Green Bay accounts.

When multiple people will be responsible for editing the same document(s), steps must be taken to ensure that only one person at a time has "checked out" the document for updating. In addition, the administrator of the group may want to turn on Versioning so that as revisions of a document are uploaded to GBShare, backups of previous versions are saved.

With GBShare tickets, it’s important to remember that all permissions to files and folders are inherent in the ticket. If you grant write access to a folder via a ticket, the recipient has write access to all files within the folder as well. Other permissions set explicitly on certain files and folders within GBShare are irrelevant to individuals who may be accessing these same files via a ticket.

NOTE: This quick guide details the following steps for the administrator and the group members who are updating files via tickets. The following table summarizes the responsibilities of each:

Administrator Roles & Responsibilities

Group Members

1. CREATE the folder structure.

2. UPLOAD documents.

3. Turn on VERSIONING.

4. EMAIL A TICKET to the folder. Modify the ADVANCED settings to allow READ AND WRITE permissions to the folder within the ticket. (Note: Recipients cannot lock files for updating if you email a ticket to just a single file.)

5. INCLUDE A LINK to these instructions in the email so that group members know how to safely edit the documents.

6. If you wish, you can set a quota limit on any folder to which others have write access.


1. OPEN the ticket link via email.

2. CHECK to make sure the document to be updated is not locked by someone else. If the document is locked, do not proceed. Wait until it is unlocked and available.

3. LOCK the document.

4. SAVE the document locally.

5. EDIT the document.

6. UPLOAD the document and OVERWRITE the original.

7. UNLOCK the document.

Administrator Roles & Responsibilities

(1) CREATE the folder structure (example: the folder "Proposed_Agenda" is created.)


(2) UPLOAD any documents you wish to the folder. (Example: ‘Proposed Agenda for Fall Conference.doc’ is uploaded.)


(3) TURN on VERSIONING for this file, or turn on versioning for the entire folder if all documents within the folder will be edited by multiple people. (If you turn versioning on for a folder, all files within the folder will have versioning on.) To enable versioning, click the Manage icon for the folder or file where you would like to track different versions. Each time an individual uploads a new version of a document, the previous version will be saved.

NOTE: Using the versioning feature will take up additional space as each version is created – keep an eye on your quota limits.

Turn on Versioning for an Entire FOLDER and all files within the folder:



Select ON next to the "Versions:" label.


(4) Email a TICKET to the FOLDER (i.e., "Proposed Agenda") to the committee members. ) Select the folder, right-click on the Manage icon and select "Tickets".


Select New Ticket .


Change the Permissions to "Contributor" so that the committee members will have read, edit, and overwrite the original documents. (Remember, by turning on "Versioning" you will always have a backup of each edited document.

Additionally, you may want to modify the LIFETIME of the ticket. For added security, you may add a PASSWORD to the ticket and notify your committee members of the password separate from this email that you’re creating.


Select Email from the icons below the new ticket.


Enter the non-uwgb members email addresses (you may also enter GBShare users) and select Send.


(5) Include the following link to these instructions so that they will know how to edit the GBShare documents.


(6) If you are concerned about the space that may be used in your GBShare space by others who are uploading files, you can set a quota limit on the folder to which others have write access. To do so, select the folder, then right-click on the Manage icon. Select Storage Quota.


Enter the quota limit. Click Apply.


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